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Whether you have a blockage in your toilet, kitchen sink or sewer line, the team at Fixed Today has the knowledge and experience to get your drains cleared and working again.

A blocked drain in your home or business can occur for several reasons such as a build-up of grease, debris, or internal damage to your pipe water passage from tree roots. Correctly identifying the source is the first step in rectifying the problem, permanently.

Blocked Drain Repairs Sydney Sydney

At any sign of a slow draining sink, smelly drain, water overflowing in your sink or toilet not draining adequately, you could have the blockage in your property.

The best action you can take is to contact a reliable and fully licenced team who are reputable and locally based in Sydney. A Sydney blocked drain specialist will be able to quickly, and promptly resolve the issue before it gets worse.

Need aPlumbing Service?

An issue with your drainage system can significantly impact your household and leaving a clogged drain can create even more irreparable damage to your home.

Why wouldn’t you call on a dedicated plumbing company with well over 15 years of experience in drainage issues?

The combination of specialised skills and top of the range equipment such as CCTV cameras and high-pressure jet blasters are what our team offer for all blocked drains in Sydney.

Not to mention fixed pricing, which ensures there are no hidden costs and surprises later on. Only honest and upfront solutions!

A plumbing emergency needs an expert team to give you the most prime possible solution. We will take the time to thoroughly asses your pipework to determine the best action to take. From there, we will clear the obstruction and inspect your water line to determine if further repair work is needed. 

As a homeowner, you may have questions about your property and why you are suffering from a particular plumbing problem.

A knowledgeable drain plumber will be able to let you know the do’s and don’ts on how to maintain your home and

Why is my drain blocked?

For many people, having a clogged drainage system can come as a surprise. And to only find out there is a problem when it is too late. Complications with your plumbing can occur for a variety of reasons.

Build-up of Grease

Over time food, grease and other material such as hair can be washed down your sink and get lodged anywhere in the channels. Eventually, these will build up and cause a barrier and prevent the smooth flow of water.

Small Objects

Your drainage system is built only to withstand certain liquid such as urine, toilet paper and human waste. Any other material can seriously cause disruption and interfere with your water flow.

Everyday items can accidentally be flushed down the toilet or be washed down your sink.

Tree Roots

Underground pipes are full of moisture, and it is the perfect environment for tree roots to grow. Just even the smallest of cracks in your pipeline is enough for roots to attach and overgrow.

This is a serious issue as more deterioration occurs from the pressure of the tree trying to breakthrough.

It is crucial for you to be aware of your home and its plumbing. Being on the lookout for signs of a blocked drain is the best way to prevent a plumbing emergency. These are just a few indicators that you may have a drainage problem.

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Water pooling on the front yard

This is a visible sign of an overflowing drain or issues with your pipe system. As the water has no way of moving through the usual channels, it will start to escape through any free space.

Pooling water can be dangerous as over time the foundation around your home can begin to collapse.

Strong smell coming from the kitchen sink 

Food items that are trapped in the pipeline will start to rot and emit a strong odour. Food and oil should be appropriately disposed of in the bin or waste disposal unit and not down your drain can cause a strong smell.

Toilet slow to flush and backing up into the bowl

Stagnant flushing toilet water is often caused by too much toilet paper or items being flushed down other than human waste.

Your toilet system is specifically built only to handle appropriate amounts of toilet paper that can break down in minutes and urine and faeces. Anything else will not be able to travel and break down sufficiently enough to move to the sewer line.

Gurgling noise coming from your drains

Sometimes the reason for this noise is because of items such as grease, oil, soap and food are building up in the line and causing air to become trapped.

Your sewer line could also be damaged, and this is a much more severe issue that needs to be addressed.

Slow draining sink

Hair, soap and other products can collect in the drain line and obstruct the flow of water. This is a common occurrence as your sink is used on a daily basis.

You can take some steps to minimise this through directly pouring boiling water regularly down the drain to loosen up any build-up of material.

Equipment for clearing blocked drains

It is not a problem you want to leave in the hands of just anybody. At Fixed Today, our experienced team have the tools and equipment, as well as the knowledge to unblock that drain! No matter how big or blocked that drain is, Fixed Today will clear it up for you by using:

  • Jet Blaster and jetting equipment
  • CCTV Camera
  • Pipe locating equipment
  • Root treatment
  • Electric eel

What to do about a clogged drain

Below is our step by step guide on how we best deal with obstructions of any size and severity,

Step 1: We conduct a thorough initial assessment and testing to determine the source of the blockage correctly. All the surrounding areas are inspected to prevent a misdiagnosis. From there, the best action plan can be put into place. Whether a sufficient plunge is all that is needed on your sluggish toilet or the use of a high-pressure jet blaster is used on your sewer drain.

Step 2: Using a high-pressure jet blaster is used to powerfully remove the obstruction such as tree roots, grease, and dirt. Jet blasting is the most efficient method of clearing any large obstruction. A jet blaster is optimum for clearing stormwater and sewer drains. For a clogged toilet, in most cases, a plunge is all that is needed to loosen any material that is stuck.

Step 3: Once the obstruction has been cleared; our CCTV camera is fed through the piping to report on the condition of the pipework accurately. From here, further assessments are made. If you have damage to your pipes, then we can suggest pipe relining.

Step 4: No-dig pipe repairs or Pipe Relining is precisely what the name suggests. Your damaged pipework is repaired without the extensive excavation. The inside of your faulty drain pipe is inserted with a durable resin that coats the inside leaving a smooth finish. All of this is done through a pinhole opening.

Pipe Relining is excellent as it is a fraction of the cost of an extensive excavation, can be completed in half of the time and there is no messy landscaping needed afterwards to get your property back to its original state.

Need aPlumbing Service?

There are no short cuts with us and no ‘band-aid fixes’ with Fixed Today. Your home will be in our capable hands, and our professional team will work with you to save your home from further damage created by a severe blockage.

If you want to save your home from overflowing sewer water, structural and foundation nightmare, and costly repairs, then you need to call the blocked drain experts in Sydney for effective and high-quality service.

Why use us for your emergency blocked drain?

By using the most high-tech tools, the latest technology, and our professional touch, we locate the issue and clear it up for you in the most efficient, and effective way.

The plumbers at Fixed Today use their skills to investigate the blockage, clear it for you as well as discuss options with you on how to prevent it from reoccurring, saving you money and headaches in the future.

As an added extra, we never leave without ensuring the blockage is completing cleared.

Get the proper diagnosis for your unique plumbing issue.

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