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Having a leak in your home can be annoying, and sometimes simply plugging the leak does not resolve the issue. At Fixed Today, our leak detection Sydney services are professional and affordable, so you can say goodbye to your pesky leak right now!

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Water Leak Detection Sydney Is Our Business!

Why is a leak such a big deal? In many cases, a leaking pipe or tap is a plumbing emergency. Not only that, it causes a big mess, is a health hazard for your family and can make your water bills extremely costly. Even a tiny leak can cause a huge amount of expensive damage and make your environment unsafe. Hiring a leak detection specialist can save you time and money, plus any further damage to your plumbing system or home.

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How To Spot A Water Leak

Unless you're currently knee-deep, a water leak can be hard to spot!

So, you should always lookout for the following:

Mould & bugs: Fungus, mould, mildew - or a mosquito? If you suspect any of these, it could be an indication of a leaking pipe or tap.

Big bills: Is your water bill higher than your last one? You could be shedding dollars in the form of a water leak that will cost you even more if not found. You can also check your water metre.

Damage: Water damage is one thing, but is your driveway, garden or even your home or office subsiding? Water leaks can cost you thousands in repair bills.

Coldwater: A leak in your hot water system could be giving you a cold shower!

Suspect You Have A Leak?

To have your home free of leaks today, you need to find a reliable leak detection specialist in Sydney. Fixed Today's leak detection services means we can identify the source of the hidden water leak and repair it before it gets any worse.

Our fully licensed and qualified tradesmen have years of experience in Sydney leak detection. You can guarantee we have the best skills, knowledge and equipment to fix your leak quickly and efficiently. 

No matter how big or small a leak is, we'll find it and fix it fast, honestly, and affordably, using the best available technology. If it's an urgent or emergency job, our team won't let you down when it comes to getting to you quickly.

The Leak Detection Service Sydney Deserves

Many leaks are easy to find and easy to fix, but there are others hidden deep within your walls, floors, roofs, and beyond. This means they are hard to find, and they can be much more difficult to repair.

Luckily, Fixed Today's friendly and skilled professionals have seen and handled every type of leak - and they can locate those that are incredibly well hidden!

Over the years, our expertise and high-tech leak detection technology, such as thermal imaging has helped thousands of Sydney locals save millions of valuable assets, hefty bills, and expensive repairs. Not to mention, this also saves our precious water supply.

Even Gas Leak Detection Services Are No Hassle For Fixed Today!

Much like a water leak, gas leaks are not something to take lightly. As well as being dangerous, gas is extremely flammable. In this case, it is best to contact our experts at Fixed Today who can find leaks safely and repair them quickly, meaning your family and property are safe.

Fixed Today can also get on top of your potentially catastrophic gas leak detection - because water pipes are not the only ones that go pop at your place! So if you smell that faint whiff of gas or suspect a gas leak, don't risk your home or family and instead, call Fixed Today immediately for your gas fitting needs!

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It's Expert Leak Detection Sydney Can Trust!

So no matter what leak is giving you a headache, don't risk your home, family, and wallet. Instead, get in touch with Fixed Today's leak detection specialists. 1800 349 338.

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