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Leaks aren't always a case of following the mess and plugging a hole. But with the best leak detection services Sydney can offer, carried out by Fixed Today's friendly, skilled professionals, you could say goodbye to your pesky leak today!

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Water leak detection is our business!

What's all the fuss about a leak? Often, it's an absolute emergency, a huge mess, and hazard for your family, and a massive bill on top. But even a tiny leak can cause a huge amount of expensive damage and make your environment unsafe.

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How to spot a water leak

Unless you're knee-deep in water in your lounge, a pesky leak can be hard to spot.

You should be watching out for these signs:

Mould & bugs: Is that fungus, mould, mildew - or a mosquito? If you suspect it's one of the four, it could be a hidden leak that is attracting it.

Big bills: Is your water bill higher than your last one? You could be shedding dollars in the form of a water leak that will cost you even more if not found.

Damage: Water damage is one thing, but is your driveway, garden or even your home or office subsiding? Water leaks can cost you thousands in repair bills.

Cold water: A leak in your hot water system could be giving you a daily cold shower.

Suspect you have a leak?

To get leak-free today, you'll need the sort of leak detection Sydney clients absolutely rave about - and that's Fixed Today!

Our fully licensed, qualified and experienced guys will meticulously and painstakingly investigate your leak, fixing it TODAY with the best skills, knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment we can get our hands on.

Whether big, small or in between, every leak will be found and fixed with a fast, honest and affordable solution, carried out to the highest quality standards. Even if it's a rush job or emergency, our guys are never too busy to find and fix any type of leak in your pipes and all-around your home.

The leak detection Sydney deserves

While some leaks may be easy to find and not much harder to fix, others are hidden deep inside your walls, floors, roofs and beyond. It means they're hard to find and sometimes much harder to repair.

Luckily, Fixed Today's friendly, skilled professionals have seen and dealt with every sort of leak - and know exactly how to find that one that is incredibly well hidden!

Our expertise and high tech leak detection technology has helped thousands of Sydney locals save millions invaluable assets, hefty bills and costly repairs - not to mention saved billions of litres of precious water from going down the drain.

Even gas leak detection services are no hassle for Fixed Today!

Fixed Today can also get on top of your potentially catastrophic gas leak detection - because water pipes are not the only ones that go pop at your place! So if you smell that faint whiff of gas or suspect a gas leak, don't risk your home or family and instead, call Fixed Today immediately for your gas fitting needs!

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It's expert leak detection Sydney can trust

So no matter what leak is giving you a headache, don't risk your home, family, and wallet and instead give Fixed Today a call straight right now on 1800 349 338.

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