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Backflow Prevention

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Installing backflow prevention devices is vital to keep your house’s water safe and contamination-free. Your drinking water supply can be compromised without a backflow prevention valve, posing several health risks. Our professional and licensed plumbers can inspect your current backflow prevention system or discuss backflow device installation at Fixed Today in Sydney.

Backflow is a serious issue that can cause contamination of the water supply. It’s essential to prevent backflow from happening in your home or business. There are several different types of backflow prevention devices available, and each one is best suited for a particular situation.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when water flowing through your property flows back into your pipes. In the event of a backflow, contaminated water can be delivered to your home, rendering it unfit for use and consumption. In this case, you need to talk to your local plumber about backflow prevention devices.

Why Is Backflow Prevention Important?

There can be severe consequences associated with contaminated water. Sydney backflow prevention is imperative to prevent unwanted contaminants from entering our water supply. We recommend hiring a professional to perform annual backflow prevention to ensure your drinking water is of the highest quality.

For some commercial properties, failure to comply with Sydney backflow prevention may result in legal consequences. With your backflow prevention device installed, you can continue with the business. Talk to our plumbing team about getting your backflow device tested annually.

What Are The Factors Causing A Backflow?

Your backflow preventer is damaged.

A backflow preventer is a check valve that can hinder sewage or wastewater from flowing back from its source. The valve on a backflow preventer controls the direction of the water and ensures that it will not go back again.

And so, if you’ve got a damaged backflow preventer or suddenly it malfunctions, there will be no stopping wastewater from flowing back into the shower drain, kitchen sink, and toilet.

You’ve got faulty system parts.

If a finger hurts, the whole body can feel it. So if you’ve got faulty plumbing system parts, expect the flow to be faulty.

The transfer and movement of wastewater are made possible through a solid sewer line. If these lines suddenly get broken, you’ve got a big problem in your hands. There’s a big possibility that the water will come back to the main areas of your plumbing.

If there are random leaks in your basement, check for backflow. This is usually an indicator, including leaks and foul odour in sinks and toilets.

For damaged sewer lines, hire a leak detection service to determine signs of cracks and fissures. Without fixing these damages, the backflow issue will continue along with massive flooding in the property.

You have a problematic backflow source.

It could be that your city or local sanitation system is problematic, triggering the backflow.

As homeowners, if this occurs, you need to contact the utility company immediately to find a solution to this concern. And be sure to have the assistance of a plumbing company to help you check, maintain, and clean the plumbing system.

Fixed Today’s Backflow Prevention Sydney Process

By calling Fixed Today’s backflow prevention services, you can be assured that our accredited backflow plumber will:

  • Undertake backflow prevention testing and an assessment of the property and your Sydney water supply
  • Selecting the most suitable backflow prevention device
  • Installation of backflow devices
  • A Compliance Certificate of Completion and a backflow prevention device inspection report

We can also test backflow devices to ensure they are working efficiently. We recommend annual testing of this simple backflow prevention device.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with our backflow plumbers to discuss your backflow testing and device options. With this backflow device, you will never have to worry about infested water again.

Besides installing a backflow prevention containment device, we offer various plumbing services, including clearing a blocked drain, low water pressure, and even hot water systems.

To make your water system safe for you and your family, contact the licensed plumbers at Fixed Today for your backflow prevention needs.

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