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A malfunctioning pressure regulator can cause serious problems. It could lead to rising or falling water pressure and that has to be taken care of immediately! 

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Although a pressure regulator is not present in every house, it may be a necessity to maintain a safe pressure level. But if the control valve is damaged, then the entire water system can collapse. And that is why you need to call us immediately in case you see any disruption in the water flow. 

We at Fixed Today have a big team of professional plumbers who will help you handle any issues related to plumbing, gas, and hot water systems

Your Problem

There are many reasons for which you might need to call us, and leaking water taps or toilets is one of them. This could happen due to a sudden increase in the water pressure and can cause your pipes to burst if they are not taken care of. Plus, if there is a sudden rise in utility bills, then that could indicate a sudden increase in the water pressure

Such a change may damage all the electrical appliances that use water, which includes heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. 

You might also notice a slow water flow, which is a red flag. In this case, check your shower and make a note of the water pressure. If it is lower than usual, then there is something wrong with the water flow, and it is best to contact us. 

Our Solution

Once you approach us, our plumbers will reach your house at a specified time and check all the fittings. If the control valve needs to be replaced, they will do so, and present you with a valid bill for new parts.

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We do not charge anything extra and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Hence, you will only be paying for services availed and the prices can be discussed while booking the appointment. 

If there is no pressure regulator, our plumbers might suggest installing one if required. Every pipe will be checked to spot any open valve, which will be repaired immediately. Besides, the old steel pipes may need to be replaced, and our team will inform you about it. 

Why Choose Us?

At Fixed Today, we offer all kinds of services related to plumbing along with emergency requirements. Our plumbers can even reach you at midnight in case of emergencies and will only leave once the problem is sorted. 

Plus, you will not have to do anything as our team will take care of it all. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and fixed prices for everybody. Our services extend all over New South Wales, and we take care of thousands of projects and issues every year. 

Get In Touch

Need a Plumbing Service?

If you require plumbing services, give us a call immediately on the helpline number mentioned on our website. In case the line is busy, or you are not able to reach us, just request a call. All you have to do is click on the ‘Request A Call’ button and leave your name, phone number and some details about the problem. 

We will call you back within the next few hours and set up an appointment. One of our representatives will get in touch, and you can tell them about the issue at hand. 

So, contact us today!

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