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Water Filter Installations

Looking at installing a water filtration system? Fixed Today are Sydney’s Water Filtration Experts! We install quality water filter system in your home! $50 off when you book now!

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Your potable water must be safe and clean to consume. Aside from being our most valuable resource, it is also essential to our health and well-being.

According to a UNICEF and the World Health Organization report, billions worldwide suffer from poor access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. A billion people worldwide do not have water from sources located on-premises or source that takes less than thirty minutes to collect water from, are free from contamination and are available when needed.

Fortunately, our drinking water in Australia is of very high standards. However, drinking tap water or directly from plastic bottles can pose a few problems:

  • Dust contamination and sediment from pipes
  • Chlorine and other chemicals from the sanitation process
  • Pesticides from pipes
  • Heavy Metals — a study shows water supply may have arsenic, boron, lead and mercury.

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Some Interesting Facts About Drinking Water

  • Recommended daily water intake for an adult male is 3.7 litres, and for an adult female is 2.7 litres. ( NAM)
  • A person uses about 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. ( USGS)
  • An estimated 502k diarrhoeal deaths yearly are due to contaminated drinking water. ( WHO, 2015)
  • More deaths are caused by unsafe water each year than war and other forms of violence. ( UN, 2014)
  • The leading source of water degradation and water contamination is agricultural pollution. ( FAO, 2017)
  • A child dies from a water-related disease every two minutes. (
  • Sicknesses and illnesses of 1 billion people yearly are caused by unsafe water. ( NRDC)

Only Have Safe Drinking Water Flowing Through Your Home

Installing Sydney water filters or purification systems is more than filtering tap water. Without a water filtration solution, you risk your health by drinking Sydney water from your household taps or store-bought plastic bottles.

Your whole house will benefit from installing a water filter in Sydney. Also, with your businesses, if you have commercial filtration systems in place. In addition, a whole-house water filter means:

  • You are removing chemicals such as chlorine, cryptosporidium, lead and other harmful chemicals (including fluoride removal and activated carbon contaminant removal)
  • You are eliminating rust from pipe breakdown from your water supply
  • Avoiding possible asbestos exposure
  • Health advantages and a stronger immune system for you and your family
  • Save money and the environment by not buying bottled water
  • Better-tasting food (if you’re making food that requires water)

Lead contamination and poisoning are motivations for installing filtered water systems.

You can’t easily identify lead in tap water by sight, smell, or odour. So lead poisoning can be challenging to detect. Symptoms don’t typically appear until the body has consumed dangerous amounts. The most vulnerable ones who can absorb this toxin more quickly are children and infants, making them more susceptible and immediately reactive to the health impact of lead in drinking water.

In some cases, extreme exposure can result in seizures. High levels of lead exposure can be severe and life-threatening. In children, symptoms of severe lead poisoning are the following:

  • Irritability
  • weight loss
  • abdominal pain
  • loss of hearing
  • fatigue
  • vomiting

Adults with lead poisoning can incur high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, difficulty with memory or concentration, and harm to reproductive health.

If you’ve been exposed to lead in water, contact your healthcare provider, even if there are no lead poisoning symptoms. The dangerous repercussions of lead to your health can stay undetected in the body for years. A blood test can confirm whether you or your child has been exposed to dangerously high lead levels and what follow-up actions are required to lessen the adverse effects.

Only a professional plumber must install water filters or reverse osmosis filtration in your residential and commercial properties. And that is why you need Fixed Today!

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Fixed Today is Sydney’s Water Filtration Experts

Why wouldn’t you install filtration systems with all these factors in mind?

Fixed Today is affordable and can provide quality water filter systems without unwanted tastes! This water filter plumbing service allows you and every member of your family to access filtered water at any time! You can even have a shower filter installed. Shower filters effectively remove chlorine from your shower, which can be toxic to your health, especially your skin.

The water filter specialists at Fixed Today can also assist you in selecting the comprehensive range of best water filters in Sydney for your water. In addition to all the other advantages of having a sink water filter Sydney water purifier or carbon filter cartidges, it is also less expensive than buying bottled water!

Aside from our exceptional customer service, we have years of experience installing water filters and pure water systems efficiently at the very best price.

Need a Plumbing Service?

Install Your Best Water Filtration System for Your Sydney Water

Please contact the friendly staff at Fixed Today to install your whole house filtration system in Sydney and have a pleasant drinking experience. You can remove harmful elements from your drinking water with the most advanced purification processes. Our team has years of experience installing a new filtration solution. Plus, you will be doing your family a big favour by opting for the healthier choice by having quality filters.

Fixed Today are your experts for quality products, installation, repairs and replacements of water filter systems in Sydney. We provide high-quality and sustainable water filters Sydney residents prefer. We source parts only from the most reputable manufacturers across the globe to develop innovative water filters to optimum standards.

So contact our plumbers today to discuss water filter installation in Sydney. Also, if you’re interested in a reverse osmosis water filter, another effective way and permanent solution to filter harmful chemicals from your water, we’re here to help. We also install impressive reverse osmosis systems in residential and commercial properties.

We are the leading plumbers in Sydney for house water filter systems and quality solutions for reliable access to pure water and great-tasting water. With our prompt and professional service, we can provide great water filter solutions and a purification system from RO membranes, water filter cartridges, sediment filters, and carbon filters to tubing and other parts; we carry all replacement parts.

Call our water filter technicians on 1800 349 338 for an outstanding solution and a pleasurable drinking experience. We can install your new sink water filtration system Sydney today! We offer free installation and no call-out fee for prompt Sydney service on your water filters. Our excellent customer service representatives are on standby to take your call.

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