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Your drinking water must be safe and clean to consume. It is one of the most important resources we have and a necessity to our wellbeing. And although Australian drinking water is one of the highest standards, drinking straight from the tap or from bottled water can be problematic due to

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  • Dust contamination and sediment from pipes
  • Chemicals such as chlorine from sanitation process
  • Pesticides from pipes
  • Non-regulation of bottled water

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It's Better For You

You are compromising your health and the health of your family by adding these chemicals to your bodies every day. By installing a water filter system into your home,

  • You are removing chemicals such as chlorine, cryptosporidium, and lead
  • You are eliminating rust from pipe breakdown

Fixed Today is Sydney's Water Filtration Experts

After taking these into consideration, why wouldn’t you install a water filter system? Fixed Today is the team that can bring you safe drinking water that tastes great! They can have you and your family drinking healthier water in no time at all.

Call Fixed Today to install a water filter system in your home. Our local Sydney plumbers have years of experience in installation of various types of water filters. Make the healthy choice for you and your family today.

The team at Fixed Today are available to offer you advice on the right water filter system for your home. You can save money by installing a water filter as it costs less than bottled water. Have clean water that you and your family will love to drink.

Fixed Today are experts at water filter installations and are the plumbers to call for all your water filter needs.

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We are the leading plumbers in Sydney for water filters!

Call us on 1800 349 338 to install your new water filter today!

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