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Your drinking water must be safe and clean to consume. Aside from being our most valuable resource, it is also essential to our health and wellbeing. Our drinking water in Australia is of very high standards. However, drinking water directly from the tap or from bottles can pose a few problems: 

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  • Dust contamination and sediment from pipes
  • Chlorine and other chemicals from the sanitation process
  • Pesticides from pipes
  • Heavy Metals

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It's Better For You

By drinking Sydney water from your household taps or store-bought bottles, you are putting your health at risk. Your whole house will benefit from the installation of a water filter in Sydney. In addition, the water filtration system means:

  • You are removing chemicals such as chlorine, cryptosporidium, and lead
  • You are eliminating rust from pipe breakdown from your water supply
  • Avoiding possible asbestos exposure

Fixed Today is Sydney's Water Filtration Experts

With all these factors in mind, why wouldn't you install a water filter system? Fixed Today can provide you with quality water filtration that tastes great and is affordable! This allows you and every member of your family to have access to filtered water at any time!

Get in touch with the friendly staff at Fixed Today to install your water filters in Sydney. Our team have years of experience with installing various types of water filtration systems. Plus, you will be the healthier choice for your family.

The specialists at Fixed Today are also able to assist you in selecting the best water filtration system for your Sydney water. In addition to all the other advantages, it is also less expensive than buying bottled water!

Fixed Today are your experts for the installation, repairs and replacements of water filters in Sydney. So contact our plumbers today to discuss how a filtration system can benefit you.

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We are the leading plumbers in Sydney for water filtration systems!

Call us on 1800 349 338 to install your new water filter today!

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