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Looking for Professional Plumbers? Fixed Today are Highly Trained Plumbers in Sydney. Free Plumbing and Safety Inspections and General Plumbing Checklists.

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Your plumbing system at home is like a car. It needs preventive maintenance services periodically to keep it in good running condition. Drains are clear from obstruction. Pipes have open flowing water. Heating is available. And even the small fixtures from previous months or years are without faults.

Aside from the general plumbing services, general maintenance, fittings and upgrades of appliances, a skilled plumber can work through a range of plumbing services from blocked drains to hot water systems to gas plumbing.

Fixed Today, Sydney’s top plumbing team for residences and businesses, offer general plumbing services and more.

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled to provide for your general plumbing needs. We ensure that your plumbing system works seamlessly to bring you fresh water from the main water supply. And take the wastewater away to the sewage plant without a hitch.


Aside from general plumbing services, we also offer the following::

Blocked Drains

Drains come in different sizes, installed in significant rooms of your house. They serve the same essential purpose: to carry used water to the sewage system.

But there can be unavoidable causes that will block your drains. It can be a build-up of hair, soap, grease and other materials in your pipework. It can also be a tree’s root trying to push its way into your pipe. Or it can be the improper disposal of waste.

We can unblock your drain in no time with the following tools and equipment:

  • Jet blaster and jetting equipment
  • CCTV Camera
  • Pipe locating equipment
  • root treatment
  • Electric eel

Hot Water Systems

An effective hot water system can help you carry out your daily tasks such as washing, cleaning and cooking with ease.

But if it’s failing you because of leaks, rusty tank or poor installation from the very beginning, we can make the necessary hot water systems repairs.

We’ve worked with all top-notch brands and models of heating systems such as Rheem, Dux and Rinnai, to name a few. So we can make suitable recommendations that will fit your budget and lifestyle without sacrificing the quality.

Allow our experts to find the best system for you. Be it gas, electric or solar. We can do installations on the spot as part of our plumbing service.

Gas Plumbing

If you have gas as an energy source in your home and business, you need a highly trained professional to conduct repairs and connections.

Our professional plumbers are certified gas fitters to carry out the works according to Australian standards. Gas fitting is installing gas, gas leaks repairs and detection services by a licensed plumber with current permits.

Gas leaks and appliance disconnections, and installations are our specialities.

Pipe Repairs and Replacements

Your pipeline is a complicated but significant part of your house. Without these pipes lines, there would be no way for water to travel efficiently throughout your property.

Some indicators of a leaking pipe are:

  • warped and stained walls
  • water pooling around your property
  • discoloured or bad-smelling water
  • mould growing on surfaces
  • consistently dripping taps

Our plumbing services include pipe repairs and replacements. We also offer leak detection services to allow us to locate a fault in your channels, even the undetected leakages. We also have our pipe relining technology. Our pipe relining solutions or “trenchless pipe repairs” can fix blocked drains or damaged pipes.

General Maintenance and Upgrades of Appliances and Fittings

If you need help finding the right fixtures and appliances, we are the best team for you. We can get your home up and running again in no time.

We can search for the right kind of taps, shower head, toilet, vanity set or oven and cooktop. And we’ll take into account it’ll fit your lifestyle, budget and requirements.

Check out the full catalogue of services we offer.

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Our general plumbing services can guarantee the following:

On-time appointments

We contact you when we are on the way, and if we’re running a little behind, we will give you enough notice. We have flexible appointment times to cater to your busy schedule.

Certified and Courteous Professionals

We continue our training and never fail to update our skills to top our trade. Our team is qualified and licensed to carry out plumbing, gas and drainage works.

We respect your property and environment, so we never leave it in a mess. We clean up and ensure everything is in its proper place. We go above and beyond and understand that it’s the little touches, like cleaning up after ourselves, that makes the difference.

Top of the Range Tools and Equipment

Our equipment and materials are a reflection of our service. They’re the best to serve your best interest.

We source high-quality materials from reliable suppliers. And our tools go through regular checkups to ensure they’re working in the best condition.

Up Front Pricing

No nasty surprises with us. We believe in transparency. Our pricing is fair, and we put everything out on the table to make the most informed decision for you and your home.

If you need a plumbing emergency service

Successful emergency management needs experience and expertise. We’ve got the EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE. We do emergency plumbing services any time of the day.

We have a team on the road to get to you sooner for your plumbing needs.

We can effectively stop your property from flooding caused by a burst pipe or severely blocked sewer drain at Fixed Today. Or from a dangerous gas leak coming from your kitchen appliance.

You can trust us to attend your home or business and make it safe once more. Your well-being is our number one priority, and we will do everything we can to ensure you are out of harm’s way.

You can contact our friendly staff, and they will put you in touch with one of our general plumbing specialists.

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