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Burst and leaking pipes are an emergency situation that no household should have to deal with. And when they happen abruptly, you usually do not have any time to find a quick solution, let alone a permanent one! Or in some cases, pipes can begin to deteriorate over many years and when they finally have had enough and collapse on you, the damage is extensive and costly.

Leaking pipes can affect your whole household as all water pipes are connected like a network throughout your home.

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Another type of leak that is dangerous and shouldn’t be ignored is a gas leak. The leaking of poisonous Carbon Monoxide into your property can have a devastating effect. All it takes is one spark or flame to cause an explosion or fire. The inhalation of carbon monoxide can make you extremely ill and depending on the degree and length of exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning can cause brain damage and even death.

So whether it’s a burst and leaking water pipe or a gas leak coming from your gas appliance, quick action is essential to get the best solution and results. Contact a trusted and fully licenced pipe leak specialists to repair your burst and leaking pipes.

How to Identify a Burst and Leaking Pipe

As mentioned before, a burst and leaking pipe can develop over time, sometimes months. And in this case, identifying the leak won’t be as obvious as gushing water coming from a pipe.

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One of the clearest indicators of a water leak or issue with your water pipe is something called ‘water hammer’. Water hammer occurs when the direction of the water moves and changes rapidly inside the pipework, causing the pressure to increase and damage the water pipe. Water hammer can sound like banging or knocking coming from inside the walls and usually occurs when taps are turned on or off.

With a gas leak, you will not be able to feel it or see it, but you will definitely be able to smell it! Ensure all windows are open to create ventilation and clear the airways and remove yourself from the area if possible. Contact your licenced gas plumbing team as soon as possible for the expert advice and investigation of the gas leak.

Below are some other signs of a burst and leaking pipe:

  • Water bill is higher than usual
  • Strong odours e.g., mould and musty smell
  • Signs of water damage on walls and ceilings such as stains and bubbling paint
  • Cracks in the foundation of the house and cracking paint
  • Visual puddle of water or wet spots and dampness
  • Issues with water pressure inconsistency

Turning Off the Main Water Supply

In the case of an emergency such as a burst and leaking pipe, it's hard to think of what to do when your home is filling up with water! You need to first turn off your main water supply (just for the time being until you can get a professional leak expert out to you) That is the most important step in stabilising the problem until help arrives.

The first step in shutting off your main water supply to your house is to locate your water meter. Once you have found the water meter, simply switch the emergency isolation valve to ‘off’.

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If you live in an apartment, the valve is usually located in the laundry under the sink or under the kitchen sink. It is always best to familiarise yourself with where your water supply is located so you are able to act fast in any emergency.

The next most important step is to contact your licenced, emergency plumbing team!

Only a professional and experienced Sydney plumbing team will know how to stop your burst and leaking water pipe or locate your suspected gas leak. And they will help you find a permanent solution to repair your burst and leaking pipe for good!

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