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You have a blocked drain sewer drain possibly from tree roots entering your pipework. There is water overflowing into your back yard! This looks like it is going to be costly and extensive repairs. Pipes may need to be replaced which means excavating and potentially having to re-landscape afterwards. This has to be the only solution, right?

Pipe Relining Sydney

Not necessarily. There is a new technology in the plumbing industry in Sydney that allows any pipe repairs to be done with minimal disruption to your home. It takes less time and causes less damage to your landscape and home.

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What is Pipe Relining/No Dig Pipe Repairs?

Pipe relining or ‘no-dig pipe repairs’ is an innovating way to repair damaged drains and pipework. As the name implies, the damaged section of pipe is repaired and relined using a specially designed tube through the pipe that seals the damaged section seamlessly.

The old method of repairing broken and damaged pipes was to excavate to the pipe and remove the broken section and either replace or repair it. To get to the pipe, excavations and dismantling of the pipe were done. Once the pipe is repaired, the next process of re-landscaping and restoring your yard. Extensive and long work that did come with a price! With Pipe relining in Sydney, this long process is cut short and at a fraction of the cost.

Process of Pipe Relining

  • Contacting a licenced local plumber to conduct the first initial investigation of the blockage. This will determine if pipe relining is the best option for you and your home. Some pipes are too far damaged and replacing the pipe would be the only option.
  • Do all necessary investigative work using CCTV camera inspection
  • Remove all debris from the pipework
  • Using jet blaster, clear out the drain and pipework
  • Re-inspect the drain and repeat if not all clear
  • Once all clear, prepare the resin. Starting off by measure the section of pipe to be relined. Mix the correct amount of epoxy resin with the hardening agent. The mixture is then inserted into the drain and position in the damaged section of pipe
  • The reline is then cured and set. Once it is set, a final CCTV camera inspection is conducted and what should be left is a seamless and smooth pipeline and no big trenches to be filled in afterwards

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Pipe Relining is an alternative to extensive excavation works to repair pipework. Not all plumbers in Sydney have the training and experience in pipe relining so make sure you always enquire if pipe relining is something they can offer you. For any pipe relining works done in Sydney, the licenced plumbing team should do a thorough inspection beforehand to ensure your pipes are not too damaged to reline as replacing the pipe might be a better solution.

Pipe Relining or ‘No dig pipe repairs’ is the cheaper and quicker option for all pipe repair needs in Sydney. Fixed Today are experienced and can offer you an alternative to extensive excavation and long restoration of your property. Enquire about pipe relining and ‘no dig pipe repairs’ in Sydney today.

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