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Gas Cooktop Installation

Do you need a gas stove or cooktop up and cooking? Then contact the licensed gasfitters at Fixed Today for all your oven and gas cooktop installation.

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If you’re not just into frying eggs and opening a cup of noodles, gas is the smart way to go and cook up a delicious storm. There’s no more waiting for elements to warm up with a gas stove or gas cooktop compared to an electric stove. You only need a significant adjustment of the temperature at your fingertips. Even top chefs and food lovers worldwide prefer to use gas for heating and cooking.

So if you need a gas stove, cooktop, or oven, call your trusted gas plumber for all your gas installations.

Gas Cooktop Installation

Why choose a gas stove, cooktop, or gas oven?

With the array of choices nowadays, it can be confusing to know what you want in your kitchen, especially if you’re not a seasoned cook but want to get there someday.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of owning a gas stove, cooktop or gas oven to help you decide:


  1. Gas stoves are the only type of cooktop that allow you to cook over a real flame.
  2. Gas boils water faster than an electric stove.
  3. Gas stoves are more energy efficient when compared to electric ranges.
  4. Grab a metal mesh rack and cook directly over the flame, which is a fantastic way to infuse smoky flavours into your favourite recipes.
  5. It still works when the power goes out.


  1. The initial expense for gas oven installation is more expensive than electric ranges. For instance, if you are shifting from electric to gas, you need to install a new gas piping and purchase a new gas oven. If you’re changing your old gas oven to a new gas oven, you need to consider your existing gas supply.
  2. It can be challenging to achieve the same heat setting on gas cooktops.
  3. Gas ranges are much harder to clean.
  4. While gas ovens preheat faster than electric ovens, they tend to cook more unevenly.

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How to install a gas cooktop

Before cooking up a storm, you’ll need a licensed gasfitter to install your gas cooktop, stove or gas oven installation. Every gas oven installation must conform to a range of statutory requirements, comply with manufacturers’ instructions, and have the work done legally by a licensed gasfitter.

Getting your gas stove installation wrong could void your manufacturer’s warranty and insurance and put your family at risk of gas leaks, fires or worse.

Luckily, from taking your new appliance out of the box to cranking on the gas for the first time, Fixed Today can help get your gas installations from your gas stove, cooktop, oven and more done right the first time. We also do repairs and services and offer first-class service and reasonable prices on every gas-related issue at your place, like your gas hot water system.

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Cooktop and Oven Installation Requirements

As well as complying with different statutory requirements, manufacturers’ and legal requirements, you’ll also need a compliance certificate to go with your new gas cooktop installation. Australian standards must be strictly adhered to for every gas cooktop installation, including minimum clearances and ventilation rules.

Installing a gas cooktop is easy with Fixed Today because we’ll make sure it’s compliant, working correctly and safely before we leave you to your cooking!

Call us. Fixed Today will:

  • Advise and inform you about your gas installation
  • Check your existing gas connections
  • Connect your new gas stove, oven or cooktop and test for leaks
  • Check the new gas stove installation is working and get you ready to cook!

Gasfitting is a highly regulated, specialised skill, so it’s not worth taking a risk and cutting corners.

We’re your trusted licensed gasfitters in Sydney.

Fixed Today’s gasfitters are not just licensed and insured. They’re highly skilled, experienced, trained and very friendly! Every courteous, uniformed gasfitter at Fixed Today is entirely up to date with the latest innovations and technology in the exciting world of gas appliances. We always guarantee superb workmanship and quality in installing a vast range of gas appliances, gas ovens, cooktops and stoves at your place at a reasonable price.

So for a no-fuss, affordable, safe and Australian standard approved gas cooktop and oven installation at your place today, look no further than the seasoned experts at Fixed Today. To talk to a friendly Fixed Today gasfitter, call us -1800 349 338 today!

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