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Sydney Gas Leak Repairs

Unlike other kinds of technical issues, gas leaks are something that cannot be taken casually. Procrastinating gas leak repairs can have disastrous results.

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Undetected gas leaks can be hazardous, even fatal. 

Unlike other kinds of technical issues, gas leaks are something that cannot be taken casually. Procrastinating gas leak repairs can have disastrous results, and it is imperative that you get the issue checked out at the earliest. 

Gas Leak Repairs

That being said, finding the best professionals for the job may not always be an easy task. For starters, not every company offers 24 x 7 emergency services. Unfortunately, gas leaks are not something that can be predicted, and once they are detected, they must be repaired immediately. 

If you have been looking for a company that provides premium-quality services, but have had no luck yet, fret not. We are here to help you.

Read on to find out how you can find the best professionals for gas leak repairs in your home. 

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Signs Of Gas Leak 

A gas leak is not only hazardous but can also be a costly affair - if ignored for too long. Here are some of the most common signs of gas leaks that you should look out for. 

1. A Hissing Sound

Beware of any hissing or whistling sounds that you may hear near the gas line. Although the sound is generally very subtle, it is unmistakable nonetheless. If you happen to hear the sound, ensure that you contact a professional immediately for assistance.

2. An Unusual Odour

Accompanying the sound will be a strong, pungent odour, similar to rotten eggs. However, the odour may not always be prominent. You may notice a slight, sulphur-like smell. 

Although the smell is likely to spread throughout your home, it should be the strongest near the gas line and in the kitchen. The moment you are aware of this odour, open all doors and windows immediately. This will let out most of the gas naturally. Meanwhile, contact a professional to assist you with gas leak repairs.

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3. A Crack In The Gas Pipe

If you can hear and smell a gas leak, you may be able to find its source as well. You may notice a small tear, break, or crack in the gas line. It should be evident then that it is time to treat the impending issue at the earliest. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

This is a legitimate question and one that we are pleased to answer for you.

For starters, our company is one of the top-rated emergency plumbing services in Sydney. We specialise in all types of repairs, replacements, and installations. Not just that, our entire team is qualified and licensed in NSW. 

As our company name ‘Fixed Today Plumbing’ tells you, we are a stickler for time and quality. We guarantee to provide same day services, in all areas of Sydney. We encourage you to go through our ‘Projects’ and ‘Reviews’ section to find out more about our work and our satisfied customers.

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How To Contact Us?

Gas leaks are a kind of issue that cannot be pushed aside for a better time. When looking for the right professionals for the job, the time is now. 

You will notice our official helpline number in the top right corner of our website. Click on this number to get in touch with us immediately - day or night, weekday or weekend. 

Yes, you heard it right! We operate 24 x 7 because we know that emergencies can come knocking at your door without warning. 

Alternatively, you will find a tab on our homepage to input all your necessary information. Leave your name, phone number, and a short message telling us what your query or problem is. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button, and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you. 

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