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Blocked Stormwater Drains

Have you got a blocked stormwater drain? Be prepared on stormy season! Have your storm water drain fixed by your trusted local plumber. Contact Fixed Today at 1800 349 338.

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Stormwater drainage systems consisting of stormwater drains and sewer pipes are essential for your home and must work effectively.

A storm drain is also known as a storm sewer system, stormwater line, surface water drain, or stormwater drain. It is a channel or pipe used to carry off rainwater.

On private properties, storm drains collect water from the house’s storm gutters and carry it into a more extensive, city-wide storm drainage system. Street gutters direct rainwater to storm drains at intervals along the sides of roads, just below the sidewalk line.

It can be problematic when stormwater drains become blocked, just like blocked sewer drains, or when heavy rain overwhelms the system. You’ll need to clear blocked drains or cause further damage to your plumbing system and drainage system.

Once you have a blocked stormwater drainage system or overflowing stormwater network, this causes a risk to the homeowner for safety and hygienic reasons and the home’s foundation.

Blocked sewer drainage pipes or stormwater system commonly occurs during the rainy seasons of the year. Blocked drains affect the guttering system as well as your roofing. To avoid water backup, neighbourhood flooding, and damage to cars and houses, there’s a need to manage stormwater drains and stormwater channels.

Blocked Storm Water Drains

Why is My Stormwater Drain Blocked?

Debris can also easily clog a rainwater channel or your stormwater drainage system, causing water to back up and flood areas behind it. Due to the rainwater washing mud, dirt, leaves and other garden debris into your pipework, the accumulation will cause a disturbance in the water flow and slowly clog up. Tree roots that manage to penetrate the pipework can also eventually cause the drain to block up and water flooding. Tree roots obstructing the pipes may be challenging to detect, so have your professional plumber inspect your pipelines for root growth.

If you require pipe repair services, our emergency plumbing team can quickly repair pipes and handle any other plumbing issues.

A blocked stormwater system can also lead to problems such as a blocked toilet, blocked sewer pipe, blocked kitchen sink and blocked shower drain. It would be best to have a local Sydney plumber like Fixed Today for stormwater drainage solutions.

How To Prevent Blocked Stormwater Drains

Blocked stormwater drains Sydney need a thorough investigation from an experienced licensed local plumber. But you can minimise the occurrence of a blocked drain and prevent further damage to your home and stormwater system.

Here are a few tips you can consistently carry out for preventative measures to have your drain work effectively all year round and remain clear and blockage-free. Remember that prevention is always the best action for blocked drains on your property, and immediately fix blocked toilets and other pipe blockages. And clean your drains regularly.

Gutter Guards Installation

To prevent any debris from entering your gutters, installing gutter guards, gutter screens, helmets, or covers supposedly to avoid other debris from entering your rain gutters will do the trick and keep drains and pipes clear. The guards will reduce your amount of gutter cleaning and save you money in the long term.

Have your gutters cleaned regularly by professionals to prevent flooding and other structural damage.

Periodic Stormwater Drains Clearing

Monthly cleaning of your downpipes and gutters. Removing loose debris, such as leaves and sticks, will create a clear passageway for water flow.

Be mindful of minor blockages and debris build-up.

Keep an eye out, particularly on your downpipes. Look for minor blockages and build-up of debris. Simply flushing with water from your hose will clear any items lodged in your downpipes.

Perform CCTV Camera Drains Inspections

Drains need a CCTV camera inspection to determine the location and cause of blockages and should be inspected by a licensed plumber early to prevent water damage. While at it, request an inspection of tree roots invading your drains and lines.

Know When To Call Your Trusted Plumber

Look out for water pooling around your drains and damp grass area. This is when you need to call a licensed plumber immediately to unclog your stormwater drainage system. Our plumbers can provide a permanent solution to your stormwater drain blockage. We’re available 24/7 for drain cleaning with our CCTV drain camera.

Need a Plumbing Service?

Get Your Blocked Storm Water Drains Fixed Today

Fixed Today is a team of expert drain specialists who provide plumbing solutions to all your plumbing needs, including stormwater drainage services like stormwater drain blockages in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, using the latest technology and modern equipment in our blocked drain clearing process.

Our blocked drain plumbers speak the plumbing language and know exactly what needs to be done in all blockage emergencies. Having drainage problems like a significant blockage doesn’t need to be stressful when you have a specialist team helping you with the knowledge and tools to clear your blocked drain correctly. We use the latest technology and conduct CCTV drain inspections with our drain services.

Our blocked drains plumber at Fixed Today can provide an amazing service and help you maintain clear and functional drains all year round. You can also talk to us about pipe relining if you need to repair your blocked stormwater pipes.

When you experience stormwater runoff or blocked sewer lines and need assistance with your plumbing emergency, like blocked drains and clearing blocked drains, call our professional plumbers. The team at Fixed Today will offer the best plumbing services and solutions for you and your home, along with fixed, upfront pricing on all blocked drain issues. It would be best to have fast action from expert blocked drain plumbers in Sydney. Give us a call, and with the latest technology like CCTV drain, we’ll correctly solve your blocked stormwater drain issue. We are available 24/7 for blocked drains Sydney.

Aside from the blocked drain problem, we also provide other plumbing services such as hot water system installation and hot water heater repair, water filter installation, bathroom and kitchen renovations, etc. We’re here fully equipped and fully licensed for permanent solutions and reliable service to your plumbing problem. So contact us now.

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Stormwater Drainage Solutions


Merrylands, Sydney


We located a blockage at the back of the property.


We initially used a high-pressure water jet and camera line to clear the blocked drain. After our investigation, we found that the gully was full and needed to be replaced.

How We Helped

We first cut out the concrete, jackhammered the area, and excavated the pipe. We laid blue metal and supplied and installed a new PVC gully. We then connected the kitchen and connected the basin. We used our camera to ensure no further plumbing problems or blocked pipes.

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