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Blocked Kitchen Sink Drains

Nothing is more frustrating than having a blocked kitchen sink drain. Have your kitchen sink fixed by your trusted local plumber, Fixed Today!

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Nothing is more frustrating than having a blocked kitchen sink drain. And this is a very common plumbing issue as your kitchen sink is used daily. Your drains need to be clear to be able to work effectively with the rest of the plumbing in your home.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

If you do notice that your kitchen sink drain is blocked, get the help from a licenced plumber to give you the best solution for your blocked kitchen sink drain.

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Reasons why your kitchen sink drain may be blocked

A blocked kitchen sink can happen over time and you mostly only notice the blockage when a bad odour is lingering around from the drain or water is not flowing easily. A blocked kitchen sink can occur for many reasons.

The most common of these reasons is a build up of grease and food in the pipes.

When you are using your kitchen sink, it’s inevitable that small items of food will wash down the sink by accident and become lodged in the pipework. This will build up over time and solidify or begin to rot.

The first sign of a blocked kitchen sink drain is slow draining water.

If the water is draining slowly or looks a little sluggish when going down the drain, then this could be an indication of a blockage or obstruction in the pipes.

Water must have a free and easy flow for it to drain effectively throughout the pipes.

Being cautious of what goes down your drain will help to prevent any blockages from happening and remember, liquids that are noncorrosive, nonhazardous and of low viscosity are what should be going down your kitchen sink drain.

When you do notice your water is draining slowly in the kitchen sink, even just slightly, call a licenced, blocked kitchen sink plumber. Quick action will make the difference between an easy clearing that won’t be disruptive or costly or a severe blockage in your drains and pipe that will need extensive repairs and specialist equipment.

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It is not recommended to ignore any blockage in your home as the results of leaving a blocked kitchen sink can be disastrous for your home!

Your licenced blocked kitchen sink expert will be able to clear your sink and pipes, not just from food build up and grease, but also from everyday objects such as kitchen utensils!

How your local plumber can help unblock your kitchen sink drain

Fixed Today have the tools and experience necessary to clear your blocked kitchen sink drain.

They are, after all the blocked drain experts! A kitchen sink that is blocked should never be ignored as it can lead to other issues in your plumbing and what can seem like simply too much grease stuck in the drain can in actual fact, be an underlying issue with your pipework.

Sometimes a blocked drain may need special tools and equipment such as a high-pressure jet blaster and CCTV camera to investigate the pipework connected to the drain. Only a professional and fully licenced plumbing team such as Fixed Today will know the right steps in clearing your drain of any size.

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Don’t risk having overflowing drains and collapsed pipework call the blocked drain experts, Fixed Today to clear your blocked drains!

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