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How to Get Rid of Smelly Drains

Get a better understanding of some of the causes of a smelly drain and how to get rid of smelly drains around your home in this blog.

You’re sure your imagination isn’t playing tricks on you. There’s a foul odour following you, and you know it’s not just your nose.

But you can’t figure out where the foul smell is coming from. Is the foul odour from your bathroom? Is your kitchen sink getting a little funky? Or is it your garbage — the ghost smell still lingers even after throwing them out?

It could be a blocked drain.

Grab a cuppa — better hold that thought while we explore why your drains can smell. Smelly drains aren't for the faint of heart, after all.

Smelly Drains

What causes smelly drains?

1. Blockage

A cause of smelly drains can be a blockage in the pipes. Over time, your drain will get its fair share of food, grease, hair, and even toothpaste being flushed down it. Food like fish, egg and tuna are the prime culprits that make your kitchen drain smelly.

Blocked drains could be the result of faulty plumbing. While installing plumbing fixtures, mistakes can happen. At times, the pipes collapse or cracks appear, which cause damage to your property. So, if your newly installed drains are blocked, it might be a case of improper plumbing.

You can try a few DIY drains unblocking ideas, such as using an unwired coat hanger to move anything out of the way or pouring hot water.

Whether it’s the kitchen drain or the bathroom drain, it is essential to determine the cause of your smelly drain. Hence, blocked drains aren’t something that you must ignore. When you notice the tell-tale signs of a blocked drain, such as nasty smells, loud gurgling noise, or water draining slowly, it’s time to ensure your drain is appropriately cleared. Contact your trusty local plumber to investigate and unclog your drains. A plumber will have drain cleaners to help leave your drain smelling fresh.

2. Bacteria

With the blockage comes the bacteria. Some food items can get stuck in the pipes, and this debris and food residue can build up over time. They will eventually rot. And rotten food starts to become pungent due to the growth of spoilage microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and mould. The foul smell can be chemicals released from the food as the microbes decompose or chemicals produced by the microbes themselves.

Moulds give off musty, earthy aromas like an old basement when decomposing food. Some yeasts produce sulphur compounds that resemble human flatulence.

Mix baking soda and vinegar in a cup and pour it slowly down the drain. You can also use boiling water to kill the growing bacteria and loosen any object stuck in there.

3. Mould

Nasty mould will grow if there is even a tiny leak in the pipework underneath your sink.

The smell of the mould and mildew will rise, and a very unpleasant odour will start. Make sure you’re checking your fittings regularly for leaks.

If you notice a water leak from taps or pipes, contact a licensed plumber, and they will be able to get any leak sorted out.

Ask your plumber to conduct a safe plumbing inspection for all your fittings to ensure everything is working up to scratch.

4. Sewer Smell

If the odour from your drain smells like a sewer, it most probably is coming from your sewer drain. This can be sewer gases.

Don't tinker with your sewer drain, for there are highly-toxic components in sewer gases. Only a licensed plumber will be able to check your sewer drain for any issues, such as a leak or a crack in the pipe or problems with the P trap or vent.

Your blocked drain expert can use the necessary tools to examine your sewer thoroughly, determine any defects and clean smelly drains.

5. Plumbing Issues

In some cases, an error in the plumbing is the cause of the smelly drain. If it’s poorly installed, the set-up can affect vents and traps and the workings of the drain. And let’s not forget rotting drain tubes.

Things do wear down over time. Get your pipes and fittings to work perfectly, and let your licensed and experienced plumber do it for you.

Your plumber will be able to rectify any parts that are not doing your drain any good.

Rid Smelly Drains

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How to Fix Your Smelly Drain

Always clean the drain’s opening regularly with soap, water and disinfectant and remove any food items from the sink.

To prevent smelly drains, the best cure isavoiding certain behaviours that typically cause a blocked drain, like pouring the grease into the sink and disposing of your waste correctly. Personal hygiene products can affect drainage. Think about your dental floss, baby wipes, diapers, tampons, tissues and cotton balls. And by using drain screens or pouring hot water into the sink, you can help prevent a smelly drain.

There are plenty of DIY methods for solving blocked drains, and some are more effective than others. Aside from hot water, you can also try simple solutions such as vinegar and baking soda down the drain. It can do the trick for simple blockages. But sometimes, smelly drains can signify a more significant issue with your pipework and larger drains outside.

But if you’ve retrieved the balls of hair or even got out the trusty plunger to fix the blockage and still have a problem, or you want to be sure it won’t reappear, it’s time to call in professional blocked drains plumbers. To get a proper diagnosis and permanent solution, you need to contact your local drain specialist. With their expertise, they will get rid of your smelly drain once and for all. The best plumbers for blocked drain clearing services will give you peace of mind with specialised equipment such as CCTV blocked drain cameras and a high-pressure water jetter to fix a blocked drain quickly and keep it clear!

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