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How to Get Rid of Smelly Drains

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Have you noticed a strange smell coming from your bathroom drain? Is your kitchen sink getting a little funky? Or you have taken out the garbage and that smell is still lingering?

It is definitely not normal and no one wants their home to be known as the ‘bad smelling house’. If you keep on reading, you will get a better understanding of some of the causes of a smelly drain.

Then, we'll cover how to clean smelly drains around your home.

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What causes smelly drains?


Over time, your drain will be getting its fair share of food, grease, hair and even toothpaste being flushed down it. All of this debris can build up over time and create an unpleasant odour.

Ensure you are cleaning the opening of the drain regularly with soap, water and disinfectant and remove any food items from the sink.

Mixing a cup of baking soda and vinegar and pouring it slowly down the drain. Pour boiling water down the drain to kill the growing bacteria and loosen any object stuck in there.


A cause of smelly drains can be a blockage in the pipes. Some items of food will become stuck in the pipes and drain and eventually start to rot.

Food like fish, egg and tuna can make your kitchen drain smelly.

If you do suspect you have a blockage in your pipe, you can try a few DIY drain unblocking ideas such as use an unwired coat hanger to move anything out of the way.

To be confident your drain is cleared properly, contact your trusty local plumber to investigate and clear your drain for you. A plumber will have drain cleaners that'll help leave your drain smelling fresh.

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If there is even a small leak in the pipework underneath your sink, nasty mould will start to grow.

The smell of the mould and mildew will rise up and a very unpleasant odour will start happening. Make sure you're checking your fittings regularly for leaks.

If you do notice a water leak from taps or pipes, contact a licenced plumber and they will be able to get any leak sorted out for you.

Ask your plumber to conduct a safe plumbing inspection for all of your fittings to make sure everything is working up to scratch.

Sewer Smell

If the odour coming from your drain smells like it's a sewer, then it most probably is coming from your sewer drain.

Only a licenced plumber will be able to check your sewer drain for any issues such as a leak or a crack in the pipe or issues with the P trap or vent.

Your blocked drain expert can use the necessary tools to examine your sewer thoroughly and determine if there are any defects.

Plumbing Issues

In some cases, an error in the plumbing is the cause of the smelly drain.

A poor install or set-up can affect vents and traps and the overall workings of the drain. And let's not forget rotting drain tubes.

Things do wear down over time so getting pipes and fittings that are working perfectly can only be done through your licenced and experienced plumber.

Your plumber will be able to rectify any parts that are just not doing your drain any good.

how to get rid of smelly drains

Fixing Your Smelly Drain

If you have a kitchen or bathroom drain that is giving off a strong odour, you need to determine the cause to find the best solution.

Simple solutions such as boiling water, baking soda and vinegar down the drain will do the trick, but sometimes, smelly drains can be an indication of a bigger issue with your pipework and larger drains outside.

To get a proper diagnosis and permanent solution, you need to contact your local drain specialist. With their expertise, they will get rid of your smelly drain once and for all.

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