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Sydney Blocked Shower Repair

Blocked showerheads and drains can be a nuisance. Get it fixed right away by contacting our professional experts at Fixed Today.

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Part and parcel of being a property owner, be it a house or a business, is managing the pesky problems. Never ignore the trivial ones, for they can blow up and become crucial. You don’t want to wait until your problems are too big for you to handle.

Every nook and room in your house is designed for a specific purpose. It can be for aesthetics, or it can be for a function. And yet, each part is as important as the next. A faulty one can’t be isolated away from the others. It will affect everything else.

Your plumbing system can encounter a leaking tap, a faulty hot water system, blocked drains from your kitchen to your toilet, to clogged shower and plumbing emergencies.

A blocked shower can affect your entire household, schedule, daily routine, essential tasks, etc. What should have been a nice warm bath after a tiring day at work is no more, but a clogged shower drain or showerhead.

What are the Common Causes of Blocked Shower?

Blocked Shower

1. Long hair strands are the common cause of blocked shower drains. They can bind with grease and other sticky substance to form clogs.
2. Notice the dirt and grime swirling down the drain. They can create a build-up that will harden in time and cause a blocked shower drain.
3. Minerals and soap scum won’t dissolve in water and cause insoluble masses or leave a hard residue that clogs the drains.
4. And tree root invasion in small cracks or leaks in your underground pipes can obstruct the water flow and cause damage to your pipes.

Know the Signs of a Blocked Shower

The blatant sign you have a problem is when you find yourself standing in a deep puddle of water in the shower because the water isn’t draining as it should.

Other signs will include stink coming from your drains and
unusual sounds in your home pipes.

Unfortunately, once your blocked shower starts, it will only worsen over time, and the ripple effect is worse unless you act on it. And the sooner you do, the easier it will be resolved.

What are the Ways to Unclog A Blocked Shower Drain?

1. Pour boiling water down the drain. It can sometimes break down the soap or grease, holding the clog together and clearing the blockage.

2. Use a plunger. Plunge vigorously. But depending on how deep the cause of blockage is, plunging may be difficult, and the success rate is low when unblocking a clogged shower.

3. Like the plunger, you can use a hook or a plumbers’ snake, sometimes called a "toilet jack" or an "electric eel", to take out the clog.

4. Use baking soda and vinegar. These are your natural alternative to chemicals for clearing blocked drains. Their components can help break down the residue in your drain.

5. Use chemicals to dissolve the hardened minerals causing the blockage. Be sure to protect yourself when using this method. Chemicals are toxic and health hazards.

6. Go manual. Take the drain cover off and pull out the clog by hand.

7. Call a plumber. Referring your problem to a professional is by far the best solution. And yet, this seems to come as a last resort for most homeowners. Most plumbing problems aren’t for the faint of heart. So, it may be best to let a professional handle it.

Need a Plumbing Service?

Our Solution

Our primary focus at Fixed Today is to provide you with the best possible solution to your plumbing problem. And our team of licensed plumbers will get right to it by inspecting the plumbing system to find the source of the blockage.

We’ll check all parts of the blocked shower head and clean it thoroughly with the right tools to remove any dirt or build-up that might be clogging it. And if it’s your shower drain that’s causing the problem, a plunger or plumber’s snake will be used to dislodge the clogs.

Why Choose Us?

With a track record spanning over a decade, we are industry leaders with solutions to your plumbing problems. We only offer premium-quality service at reasonable and upfront pricing.

We’re not only skilled residential and commercial drain cleaners. We’ve also got professional plumbers available 24/7 to tackle your plumbing emergencies. All you have to do is get in touch with our prompt and reliable customer support team, who will guide you through the entire booking process.

Once that’s done, the plumbing team will arrive at the scheduled time and get your shower fixed in no time. And rest assured, all our work is 100% guaranteed. If ever you come across a problem after we’ve served you, give us a call — we’ll be more than willing to come over to find the source of the issue.

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