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A nice warm bath after a tiring day at work is all we need to rejuvenate after a hectic day at work. But a blocked shower drain or showerhead can ruin that opportunity.

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You could try the DIY method of using vinegar and baking soda to remove the clog. Then again, that’s not always enough to remove the build-up accumulated over the years. Professional assistance is the need of the hour in such scenarios.

And there’s no need to search for a reliable plumbing service for the task. Just give us a call at Fixed Today - we’ll send over one of our most experienced plumbers to clear the blockage in the nick of time!

Your Problem

Need a Plumbing Service?

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any point in time, be it during the day or night. But you needn’t worry as our team of licensed plumbers is just a call away. Whether it’s to fix a tap or roof & gutter leaks, install/repair/service hot water systems, or clear a blockage, we can tackle all your plumbing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All you have to do is identify the signs and book an appointment. Always keep a watch on the water pressure; if it’s lower than usual, it might be because of a blockage caused by mineral build-up, clogged hair or dirt.

In the case of a blocked shower drain, you’ll notice the water draining slower than usual, which might force you to dwell on the feeling of frustration.

Our Solution

Our primary focus at Fixed Today is to provide you with the best possible solution to your plumbing problem. And our team of licensed plumbers will get right to it by inspecting the plumbing system to find the source of the blockage.

They’ll check all parts of the blocked showerhead; then, they’ll clean it thoroughly with the right tools to remove any dirt or build-up that might be clogging it. And if it’s your shower drain that’s causing the problem, a plunger or plumber’s snake will be used to dislodge the clogs.

Why Choose Us?

With the experience of more than 40 years, we are industry leaders with solutions to all of your plumbing problems. Moreover, we offer premium-quality service at affordable, upfront pricing. We will never overcharge you - only pay what was initially agreed upon.

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That’s not all; our plumbers are experienced working professionals available 24/7 to tackle emergencies. All you have to do is get in touch with our prompt and reliable customer support team, who will guide you through the entire booking process. 

Once that’s done, the plumbing team will arrive at the scheduled time and get your shower fixed in no time. And rest assured, all our work is 100% guaranteed. If ever you come across a problem after we’ve served you, give us a call - we’ll be more than willing to come over to find the source of the issue.

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Need a Plumbing Service?

There is more than one way to reach us. Either give us a call on the number provided on our website or write us an email. We are also available on Facebook to address your plumbing queries and concerns.

If none of these options seems feasible, head over to our “contact” page and select the “request a call” option. A pop-up box will appear requesting you to fill in your contact details (name and phone number). Just don’t forget to leave a message stating your problem before hitting the “submit” button. 

Someone from the team will reply to you within 30 minutes!

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