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Grease and Fat Blockages

Grease and fat blockage in kitchen sinks can be hard to tackle. But don’t panic because Fixed Today Plumbing is here to help you unclog that filthy sink. 

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What can be worse than a clogged sink? Grease and fat can accumulate inside the drain pipes, causing blockages (blocked drains) in your drainage system and overflowing the affected plumbing fixture. They also result in everything turning smelly, messy, and unclean.

But with Fixed Today, there is a simple and easy solution. With our tools and experience, we can easily remove the blockage in your sink caused by fats and oils before it gets worse. Don’t deal with slow-draining sinks, bad odours and clogged food scraps!

Before your drain blockages get any worse, speak to our Sydney blocked drains experts and have it Fixed Today! We promise you a fast, friendly and affordable service (plus your drain pipes will thank you). So give us a call at 1800 349 338 today to speak to us about

What We Do, How We Do It

Gurgling sounds, slow water flow, or unpleasant smells in your kitchen sink are the common indicators that your plumbing system (especially the sewer system) needs help. So, stop there and call us to prevent further costly repairs. Did you know blocked drains in Sydney are one of the most common plumbing issues?

Our skilled plumbers will be right at your doorstep, fix the kitchen sink, and have a grease trap installed in almost no time. With a track record spanning more than a decade, rest assured your kitchen sink is in the right hands.

Our professional plumbers do not simply aim to unclog your drain and pour boiling hot water on your smelly drain blockages. Our motivation is to clear fats and grease build-up from the entire sewage system. Our blocked drain plumber is fully equipped with high-definition CCTV cameras and high-powered jet blasters so that we can clear grease and fat clogs in the kitchen drain.

Going the extra mile, as part of our reliable service, we’ll clean your kitchen area once we’ve completed unclogging the sink without charging extra for it!

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How Does Grease Cause Clogged Drains?

Grease, cooking oil, and fat are typical by-products of foods or cooking processes like meats, food scraps, dairy products, butter, coffee grinds, rice, egg shells, fat-based soaps, and detergents. Anything else that comes from food or is used for cooking can potentially cause a grease-clogged pipe or blocked drain.

Although you might be careful enough to dispose of the leftover food in a garbage bag or install grease traps, it’s impossible to avoid grease buildups in the kitchen pipe. Even when you are a very cautious person, you may not notice the existence of grease in the drainpipe until overflowing happens.

Having no fat and grease traps or fat and grease itself isn’t the problem. Without fat and grease traps, fat and grease tend to build up over a prolonged time until it overwhelms your drainage, so grease and fat clogs become a challenge. Fat and grease start to solidify and stick to the sides of the drain pipe until they form large clumps, which obstruct the water from flowing.

The best ‘cure’, of course, is prevention. By that, we mean installing grease traps and avoiding certain behaviours that typically cause blocked drains, like pouring the grease and fat into the sink and doing certain other things that can help – like using drain screens or throwing the odd handful of baking soda, dishwashing liquid and steaming hot water into the sink. Without professional help, unclogging the kitchen sink can be difficult.

So, if you’ve made innumerable attempts to unclog the blockages, from your blocked sewer drain to your clogged shower drain, with your DIY projects like pouring hot water, baking soda, vinegar, and even using chemical drain cleaners, but you still failed, then let a professional plumber perform a grease trap installation, clearing and tackle the problem.

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Why Partner With Fixed Today

We’ve earned a good reputation with more than 15 years of experience serving Sydney and its general and commercial plumbing, and we want to keep it that way. You can ask around, or we’ll provide you with references and a portfolio of our projects.

Our pricing is upfront and fixed, so no hidden costs are involved. You can make the best-informed decision for you and your home. And we guarantee our lifetime warranty of workmanship.

As one of Sydney’s most reliable plumbing companies, we aim to provide top-notch services to our clients. We strive for excellence and 100% customer satisfaction, and that’s why we offer you the best of the best to solve your plumbing issues.

Once booked, our professionals will be at your doorstep soon. We also offer a transparent pricing policy, so don’t worry about hidden costs.

You can request a free home inspection and know what our experts have to say about the overall plumbing condition of your house. Our plumbing services are extensive. Our plumbing company don’t only cater to grease and fat blockages; we also provide solutions to your drain blockages, blocked sinks, hot boiling water systems, gas plumbing, roof and gutter system, clearing of your main sewer pipes and sewer lines, fixing a slow-draining toilet or blocked toilet, CCTV camera inspection and all your plumbing needs.

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Speak With Us, And See How We Can Help You

Ready to say goodbye to that nasty grease blockage? Speak to our Sydney blocked drain specialists today! With a simple and effective blocked drain clearing process, we can clear your blocked sink in no time!

You can call us any time on the helpline number provided on our website. If you cannot reach us for any reason, fill in the form from our website and leave your name, phone number, and details about the problem. Our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

So don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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What To Know More? Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Grease & Fat Blockages

If you’re experiencing signs of a blocked sewer pipe, such as slow drainage or bad odours, it’s important to address the issue promptly to avoid further complications. Contact Fixed Today Plumbing for professional drain cleaning services. Our team can clear blocked drains efficiently, ensuring your system is free of grease and fat blockages.

Yes, Fixed Today Plumbing offers emergency plumber services for urgent issues, including sink blockages caused by grease and fat. Our emergency plumbing services are designed to quickly fix blocked drains and address any drain blockage problem you might be facing, ensuring minimal disruption to your home or business.

Our blocked drain services cover a comprehensive range of solutions for grease and fat-related issues. This includes diagnosing the blockage with CCTV cameras, performing drain cleaning to remove build-up, and providing pipe relining services if necessary to restore your pipes to optimal condition without the need for extensive excavation.

To tackle a drain blockage problem, our skilled plumbers use high-powered jet blasters and other specialised tools to thoroughly clear blocked drains. We not only fix blocked drains but also offer advice on preventing future blockages, such as installing grease traps and properly disposing of fats and oils.

Choosing Fixed Today Plumbing for your blocked drain services means you get a team of experienced plumbers who are committed to providing fast, friendly, and affordable solutions for your plumbing needs. We ensure a thorough job, including cleaning up after clearing your sink blockages, with no hidden costs and a guarantee on workmanship. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency assistance, our experts are ready to help.

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