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How To Stop Leaking Pipe Under Your Kitchen Sink

Did you just find out that the pipe under your sink is leaking dirty water? We have got this guide to help you stop and prevent leaks in your kitchen before they become worse!

Very few situations are as frustrating as coming across a leaking kitchen sink drain pipe.

Homeowners usually find out about their kitchen sink leaking when water starts overflowing through the cabinet; the situation is already a mess. People sometimes pull on the pipe, further aggravating the leaking sink and leading to a more significant leak.

But the good news is that fixing a kitchen sink pipe leak is pretty easy once you identify the cause. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you figure out what needs to be done and repair the leak yourself in a few hours.

So, let’s take a look at the process!

How To Stop Leaking Pipe Under Your Kitchen Sink

Showing Pipeslines Kitchen Sink

1. Examine The Situation

You must first calm yourself down and place a bucket under the pipe to catch the dripping water. Then, clear the leaked water from the floor to have a clean working space before determining the source of the leak.

A kitchen sink pipe might leak for various reasons, primarily due to loose connections or joints. You can touch the surface under the sink and the pipe to check for dampness, which might indicate the source of the leak.

Note that leaks originating from the drain usually have a slow drip, while leaks from the drainpipe are faster and lead to water pooling under the sink. You can fill the sink with water and then check the pattern of the leak to find its probable cause.

Leaking pipes might sometimes originate from the pressurised pipe, which a spraying pattern recognises. Such an issue needs to be resolved by experienced plumbers.

2. Fixing Drain Pipe Leaks

Most of the time, you’ll find that the leak originates in the drain pipe. And it’s pretty easy to fix the issue since all you’ll need to do is tighten the leaky pipe connections, as they’re the common leakage points. You can begin the repair process by tightening the slip-nuts between drain pipes using a wrench.

Plastic or PVC pipes can be tightened with your hands, but if this doesn’t work, you must resort to a stronger fix. This can involve changing the rubber gaskets between the joints to restore the seal. Rubber gaskets are small rubber pieces that form a tight seal around PVC or metal pipes.

A common technique is to use a two-part epoxy putty, which provides a durable seal. Just make sure to wipe the place of the leak before applying the putty so that it dries properly, and clean the drain hole afterwards. However, note that using a plumber’s putty is a temporary solution; you may need to remove the pipe to fix it properly.

Trap Kitchen Sink

Another solution is to wrap self-securing silicone tape around the leaking pipe connection, especially if there’s only a minor leak. To create a tighter seal, cover the edges and overlap the tape.

The leak might sometimes originate from a crack formed in the middle of the pipe. While the best solution would be to contact an emergency plumber, for the time being, you can use a pipe clamp or sleeve clamp to fix the leak.

Remember that the clamp should be a good fit for the pipe of your kitchen sink, and tighten the clamp properly with a wrench to avoid further leaks.

3. Removing Clogs From The P-Trap

One of the reasons the pipe under your kitchen sink might leak water is the clogged P-Trap. If you didn’t know, the P-Trap is the "U" shaped part of the pipe, which helps trap odorous gases.

Over time, this part of the pipe can get clogged with everything from grease to food scraps. That’s why you should regularly use a drain cleaner in your kitchen sink, or the P-Trap may overflow.

Put a bucket under the P-Trap and open it by loosening the slip-nuts with a wrench to clean all the gunk before putting it back together or replacing the P-Trap. We recommend shutting off the water valve before working on the P-Trap, as turning on the faucet accidentally can create a huge mess.

Afterwards, turn on the water shut-off valve and run the faucet to check whether the leakage has been fixed. If you have little experience handling plumbing systems, leave it to the professionals. This is especially recommended for those with a metal P-Trap under their kitchen sinks.

You Don’t Have To Deal With A Kitchen Leak!

Remember to scrutinise the pipe parts before dismantling anything to be sure about the source of the leak. The leak might sometimes originate in the sink strainer and drain assembly, so you must focus on fixing those parts rather than the pipe.

Don’t ignore the hidden leaks. They can cause structural damage in the long run—request a leak detection service from your local plumber.

Getting under your leaky sinks can be tricky due to the tight space or the pipe hidden by plumbing fixtures like water filters. For such situations, contact a local plumbing contractor for leaking pipe repairs, as they are well-equipped to deal with most challenges promptly.

If you are in Sydney, speak with our team at Fixed Today. Our professional plumber offers leak detection and burst pipe repair services if you discover a sink leaking or broken pipes. Even for small leaks, we’re all over Sydney, including the Inner West.

One more tip - to prevent bursts and leaking pipes, hire professional plumbers for maintenance at least twice a year. See you next time!

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