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How Often Do I Need Professional Plumbing Maintenance?

Want to know when you need to book your next maintenance services for your plumbing system? Find out when you need to book your plumber in our guide!

Have you ever thought about booking an annual plumbing inspection? By hiring professional plumbing for a yearly review or regular plumbing maintenance, you can prevent severe plumbing issues in your home’s plumbing system, such as burst pipes, mineral build-up or a blockage in your water flow.

Every homeowner needs to be proactive and conduct yearly plumbing maintenance to ensure the system functions as required.

If you leave your pipes, drains and fixtures unchecked and neglected, they will get damaged. And within a few years, you will notice that most of the pipes in your house have rusted or are damaged completely.

So, to avoid this nightmare, you must book a professional to conduct maintenance work on your plumbing systems. And in today’s guide, we will tell you how frequently these checks need to be done, why it is essential and what it involves.

Let’s dive into the importance of you to schedule plumbing maintenance and thorough plumbing inspection for your property’s whole system.

How Frequently Should One Get Plumbing Maintenance Done?

Plumber Tightening Sink Pipe

How often you need a maintenance service for a system depends on how old or new your system is. If you live in an old house and need to call a plumber for minor fixes and tune-ups, we suggest general plumbing maintenance yearly.

However, scheduling periodic maintenance every two years should be fine if you are moving to a new house and have completely replaced your plumbing.

Of course, it is also important to note if you have large trees surrounding your house. In that case, a professional should check your plumbing more frequently. After all, tree roots are one of the major causes of pipes and sewer pipes getting damaged or cracked. And a damaged sewer system will cost a lot in repairs.

So, if you live in a farmhouse with large mature trees surrounding the building, we suggest you get yearly plumbing checks or preventive maintenance to avoid a pressing plumbing issue.

Why Is Plumbing Maintenance Essential?

Plumber Spanner Fix Plumbing

Like all other equipment in your home, pipes, sewer lines, sinks, and toilets experience regular wear and tear. So, you must inspect your plumbing occasionally for leaking pipes, broken garbage disposal, faulty hot water system, broken hot water heater, hot water systems needing pressure relief valve replacement, and gas lines and connections to ensure they function correctly. Regular maintenance also helps to preserve your plumbing.

Another benefit is getting your pipes and drains checked annually or bi-annually. Most professional plumbers performing regular checks on your plumbing can quickly help fix minor issues and prevent them from turning into big problems and functioning correctly.

Suppose you do not get the plumbing checked for years only to realise that tree roots have damaged the sewer lines. In that case, you will have to spend much more on repairing or replacing the broken sewer lines.

You can avoid a plumbing emergency by ensuring a thorough inspection by a plumbing team of professional plumbers.

What Is Included In A Frequent Plumbing Maintenance Check?

Professional Plumber Tools Thumb

So, what is included in a regular plumbing inspection? We have detailed what occurs when you get your plumbing inspected by scheduling regular maintenance.

1. Inspecting Water Pressure

For most households, the standard water pressure sits close to 500kPa. And when booking a professional plumber to check your system, this is the first thing they will inspect. If they notice that the water pressure is not optimum, they will inspect the other parts of your plumbing for faults.

In case the water pressure is low, there might be a presence of pinhole leaks in your pipes. The low water pressure might result from the water line getting blocked by tree roots or clogged pipes resulting from hard water build-up.

High water pressure can be equally problematic and may arise when heat builds up in your pipes. Due to thermal expansion, your pipes might undergo excess stress, leading to corrosion and damage.

However, a professional might find out that none of those mentioned above issues is causing any disturbance in the water pressure at your home. In that case, you will have to reach out to your water supplier for help.

2. Bathroom And Kitchen Check

When professionals inspect your system, they will check if your kitchen’s supply lines below the sink and water shutoff valves are functioning optimally. They will also check the faucets to ensure no moisture build-up or that you don’t have leaking pipes that can contribute to a higher water bill.

The qualified and licensed plumber will also thoroughly check your bathroom’s plumbing, including showers, toilets and sinks. You can also offer a regular inspection of sewer pipes or an assessment of your water heater.

A Regular Maintenance Is A Must

Sure, regular minor checkups can help you deal better with plumbing problems. But that in no way lessens the importance of annual or bi-annual plumbing maintenance done by a qualified plumber. Leaving damaged pipes can cause a severe problem. Save money in the long run, and book a reliable plumber for an annual inspection to handle your plumbing needs and minimise emergency plumbing.

If you appoint professionals to do a yearly maintenance job on your system, the pipes will have a longer lifespan. And you can rest assured that they will give you much less trouble. By ensuring that timely servicing is conducted, you will also save a lot of money.

When choosing a plumbing maintenance professional, ensure they have the requisite experience and licences and offer various plumbing services.

Here at Fixed Today, our Sydney plumbers highly recommend regular maintenance for your system to minimise your plumbing emergencies and lengthen the life span of your plumbing fixtures. Contact us now and request a free quote. With our exceptional service and customer reviews, you will see why our local plumber is Sydney’s most trusted plumber. Frequent plumbing maintenance and a sewer line inspection can ensure you are not suffering from leaking pipes, a damaged septic system or a blockage in the main sewer line. And if you encounter an emergency plumber, we have an emergency plumber to take care of it.

That’s all for today’s guide. I hope we were able to help provide the information you needed!

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