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Low Hot Water Pressure? Here Is Why

A couple of factors are always in play whenever you have low hot water pressure. Check our blog for reasons and simple fixes for your hot water system.

Your hot water pressure can drop suddenly or inexplicably. Or low pressure can be an ongoing problem that worsens over time.

There are factors always in play whenever you have low hot water pressure, cold water pressure, or an extremely steaming hot shower. Both cold water supply and hot water passing through your hot water system tank must have the same pressure. Widespread low water pressure can indicate serious plumbing problems in your hot water system. A discrepancy in the cold and hot water flow rates may be due to hot water system problems or issues with your home’s entire water supply system making the hot water pressure low. This should be taken care of quickly.

But be warned: don’t tinker with your hot water system and solve your low hot water pressure problems. It can be dangerous. If you need to have your hot water pressure looked at or if you need to test your Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV). This valve blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding; contact a licensed and trusted plumbing professional.

Tempering valves, like any mechanical item, are prone to failure. Problems with tempering valves can cause various issues, including a complete loss of hot water supply, a lack of pressure or a reduced hot water temperature. Besides leaking around the tempering valve connections, detecting a problem in your hot and cold water can be challenging for the untrained. So if you suspect the tempering valve could be the problem, contact a plumber. TMVs must be tested yearly to ensure the hot water temperatures remain suitable and safe to avoid issues like low water pressure. And to also see if the valves are fully compliant and functioning correctly. The good news is replacing a tempering valve is much cheaper than the entire hot water system.

Hot Water Pressure

Let’s look at some causes of low hot water pressure. Having a better insight will help you solve and restore the water flow and ensure it doesn’t happen again or when to call the professional to do the job.

1. Accumulation Of Sediment And Scale In Your Hot Water System

If it’s only the hot water that encounters low pressure, you might need a plumber to clean and flush your hot water unit. As your tank ages and corrodes, sediment and scale can build up. You are not free from sediment build-up and scale build-up, whether you use an electric or tankless gas hot water system; when the interior of the tank corrodes, the corroding particles find their way down to the tank’s base. They may be drawn gradually into the hot water pipes, causing blockage and a drop in water pressure. Also, check your shower head; sediments can build up, causing low water pressure.

For a relatively new hot water heater, flushing and cleaning the sediment and scale from the tank’s interior will work. However, replacing a complete hot water system is the better option for older systems. Invite your plumber to determine the better option.

2. Plumbing Lines With Several Bends

You will likely find an accordion-type copper water pipe in your tank-type hot water system. These pipe types are known to bend easily. In serious bends, water flow is impaired and even causes blocked pipes, leaving you with low water pressure.

The pressure of hot water systems could be affected if water passes through many bends before emerging from the faucet. With each angle or passage through each elbow, the pressure reduces slightly.

You can repipe the plumbing lines that lead to problematic faucets. But if the issue affects the entire system, you can install a pressure regulator if you don’t have one yet. Your plumber can set the regulator to increase your hot water pressure.

3. Partially-closed Shutoff Valve

Aside from the water meter valve, a partially closed shutoff valve can reduce water flow. This can cause a reduction in pressure across the entire system of hot water supply in your home.

The simple fix here is to open the shutoff valve completely. This allows a consistent water flow at the highest speed and pressure possible with no hindrance whatsoever.

4. General Low Water Pressure

The entire house can experience a sharp drop in lower pressure. In such cases, both the cold and hot water supplies flow reluctantly. The fix is usually from the main water supply entering your home.

You can install a pressure regulator if you don’t have one yet. Ask your plumber to set the regulator to increase your hot water pressure.

5. Wrong Sizes Of Water Lines

When the size of the water supply lines is considerably smaller than that of the main water supply or vice versa, the water pressure will decrease. Water will tend to flow from the large pipe into a smaller pipe.

Repiping is the first option here. This makes the supply lines bigger. This, in turn, reduces friction while increasing the pressure. Note that the effect, i.e. the increase in pressure – can be considerably pronounced in some cases.

6. Faulty Or Wrong Configuration Of The Pressure Regulator

If you have a pressure regulator that is not set correctly, there won’t be adequate water pressure throughout your home.

Start by checking the regulator’s settings. You can tune it properly to the normal pressure. But if the setting is correct and you still have reduced water pressure in the cold and hot water lines, you may have a broken pressure regulator; consider replacing it. Call your professional plumber.

7. Worn Out Fixture

A worn-out fixture or faucet will contain high amounts of scale, reducing the hot water pressure. The simple fix is to replace the affected faucets and perhaps avoid hard water.

Suppose you have confirmed that the faucet or fixture is the reason for the drop. Ask your plumber to replace them with new ones.

Need a Plumbing Service?

You might not be a plumber, but sometimes your plumbing emergencies, like your hot water issues, might have a straightforward solution. It’s a good idea to do basic troubleshooting – but don’t take your hot water system apart with a wrench! It’s still best to seek the help of professionals for urgent tasks like low hot water pressure.

Whether you’re looking for a hot water service fix or a total replacement, trust the best plumbers in Sydney at Fixed Today to do this emergency plumbing. For installing a new hot water system, whether electric hot water systems, instantaneous hot water systems, or gas hot water systems, you can reach out to us. But we’re not just your expert hot water plumbers! Our full range of plumbing services includes maintenance and repairs for other plumbing issues — all for a reasonable price.

Contact the hot water system experts and get your hot water systems fixed by Fixed Today, your experienced plumber!

We’ll fix your low hot water pressure and give you a free home inspection to ensure your plumbing system is as good as new and you don’t have leaking pipes and water leaks.

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