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Hot Water System Leaking? Here are 5 Ways to deal with it!

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We all know how important water is to life on Earth - especially when what you really need at the end of a tough day at the office is a steaming hot shower. But you also need hot water on tap for the dishes, the bath, and a myriad of other uses in a smooth-running household. So if you think you've noticed your hot water system leaking, it's not something to turn a blind eye to.

Hot Water System Leaking? Here are 5 Ways to deal with it! Photo

Why's that? Because right now, a hot water system leaking may not seem a big deal. But tomorrow, you could be faced with an almighty mess, a massive bill, and angry family members screaming about cold water coming out of the hot taps.

Hot water cylinder leaking? Deal with it today!

It's no surprise that many people ignore a leaking hot water tank. Often, it will keep producing hot water and seem like no big deal. But you could have a major problem just lurking around the corner.

So if you're tempted to ignore your hot water system leaking, think again:

1. Do your maintenance

An expensive hot water service with a long warranty means you can just trust it will keep working ... right? Wrong!

While it may be true that this household appliance is low maintenance and fairly trustworthy, it's important not to forget all about it. So every now and then, give your system a once over - because a hot water tank leaking is definitely a sign that something is wrong.

Also, pull out the manual and flick to the maintenance section, which will almost certainly include a section about how often to test the relief valve.

2. Investigate your leak

So you've noticed your hot water cylinder leaking from somewhere. Not great news. But it's not the time to panic! We know that a leak can be stressful, but don't jump to conclusions until you (and your excellent local plumber!) have had a closer look.

Firstly, it's possible you have correctly diagnosed your hot water tank leaking. Also possible is that the drips are coming from somewhere else, or that it is just a part of a deeper problem. It could be the hot water cylinder leaking, but it might also be a much more innocent pipe - or something else entirely!

Also noteworthy is that if you've misdiagnosed a hot water system leaking, you may still need the help of that friendly local plumber to diagnose another problem with your household plumbing.

3. Bite the bullet and call your plumber!

Even if you're a whizz with a plunger and a wrench, your leaking hot water tank is NOT an excuse to indulge your love of DIY.

Why's that? Firstly, because a hot water system isn't exactly cheap as chips. Secondly, never forget that plumbers and gasfitters have to be licensed for a very good reason - because your home and family's safety is no joke. Next, tinkering with your leaking hot water tank might also effect your all-important warranties and insurance. And lastly, you could find yourself in hot water if you go it alone and fail to get the mandatory compliance certificate that proves the work is up to Australian standards.

So, don't change into your DIY overalls for leaking hot water systems, call a plumber instead.

4. Prepare for your plumber's arrival

But just because you shouldn't indulge your love of DIY with a hot water tank leaking profusely, there are still things that you should do before your plumber gets to your place.

The first thing to do is to turn the mains water off in order to prevent a flood and further damage to your system and property. But only do this after filling up some bottles (and maybe even the bath) so the family can still drink and wash while the work is being done.

5. Also, turn off the power/gas

And when dealing with an obviously malfunctioning appliance, it's also a great idea to turn them off as well. If your leaking hot water system is electric, find the isolated switch that is probably marked 'hot water' in your power box. And for a gas system, turn the dial to 'off' on the unit itself.

Finally, prepare yourself for the fact that, very often, a hot water system leaking could mean you are now on the market for a new system -- and we can help you decide between gas or electric.

Hot water service leaking? We can help with that!

It's really not good news when you discover a hot water service leaking all over the place. But if there is a bright side, it's that Fixed Today is none other than Sydney's hot water system experts! Our hot water specialists have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in repairs, maintenance, advice and replacements of all sorts of electric, gas and solar hot water systems. So don't ignore that leaking water tank and instead call Fixed Today right now on 0412 706 575.

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