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Gas Or Electric Hot Water Systems?

Debating whether you should install an electric or gas hot water system? Well, we have written this article to help you make that decision. Find out the differences and both systems benefits here!

A hot water system is essential for your day-to-day living. You must pick the best source that works for you and your home. If you’re getting a new hot water system, choosing between gas hot water systems or electric hot water systems may not be as easy, especially considering several different styles, varieties and brands to pick from, such as Rheem, Rinnai and Dux, to name a few.

Gas Electric Hot Water System

Depending on where you live, your availability of services and how much hot water you consume can significantly impact the type of water heater best for your household, electric or gas.

The most typical hot water systems are electric (electric models used to heat water for a single tap or shower), solar hot water systems, heat pump (heat pumps are expensive to purchase and install but are cheap to run) and gas (gas continuous flow systems). Each has pros and cons; some are more affordable to buy, whereas others are more affordable to operate.

When deciding gas vs electric hot water — between natural gas hot water systems or electric hot water systems, there are a few points you need to consider. Remember, as of 2010, electric hot water systems are being phased out in Australia.

How Many People Are Living On The Property?

This is important as it will help determine how much hot water is used during the day.

A more extensive system will be required if more people are on the property. And you must also consider what the primary use for the heated water is.

A commercial property may use boiling water for cooking and industrial cleaning and may be different from private residential property.

Gas vs electric hot water — what’s your pick?

The Space In Your Property

You will need adequate space for your hot water cylinder, or it will not work efficiently.

Any pipework will also need to be accessible and installed correctly to avoid burst pipes in the future.

This is dependent on the space where you are considering having the system.

Remember, some hot water heaters can be installed only outside, some only inside and some systems can be installed in both areas of your property.

Gas vs electric hot water — what’s your pick? A thorough inspection of your property by a local plumber will determine the best area for your gas water heating unit or electric hot water system.

What Heat Source Is Available

You cannot have a natural gas hot water heater if your energy source does not support gas.

Suppose your home hasn’t been set up to support natural gas, or you’re in an area that doesn’t allow gas appliances. In that case, you may be restricted from using gas systems and opt for another form of power like a solar hot water system or electric water heaters.

What type of hot water service are you looking for?

Storage tanks or continuous flow (instantaneous)? Remember that instantaneous hot water systems only produce the heated water when needed, and storage tanks or cylinders store the hot water for you.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient system will benefit the environment as well as your pocket.

Gas is commonly considered the most energy-efficient hot water system, and you can refer to the energy star rating.

Gas must be connected to your home and stored in a secured gas chamber.

Under Australian laws, electric storage water heaters must meet minimum energy performance (MEPS) requirements.

Gas vs electric hot water — what’s your choice?

Costs To Run The Hot Water System

Water heating is an average Australian home’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. They also consume up to 21% of the average household energy consumption.

The ongoing running costs will be a consideration and the first initial installation of the system. Hot water systems differ in the installation process and the continuous running of the hot water system. For instance, installing a gas hot water heater costs more than installing an electric system. Even if they say modern electric systems are becoming more efficient and running them is cheaper, the regular electric system is more expensive than gas.

Your choice will depend on how much you want to spend upfront and the duration of using the hot water system; for example, maintenance and repair costs should be a factor to consider.

Are There Any Rebates Available?

We are lucky enough to have a proactive government to provide rebates for energy-efficient choices in Australia. You can check the website for updates on the current rebates available.

So Which Is Better? Gas Or Electric Hot Water System?

The above points are important when choosing between gas water heaters or an electric hot water system.

You are better off calling a licensed and local Sydney plumber to clarify any questions. They are the most experienced in all types of hot water system installations and will help you find the right hot water system for you and your home, whether gas or electric.

Below is a brief outline of the difference between a gas and electric hot water system that you can choose from.

Gas Hot Water Systems

There are many benefits to having a gas hot water system.

It is quicker when it comes to heating and is more environmentally friendly as the gas emissions are lower than an electric hot water heater.

Most houses choose gas as an energy source due to high energy efficiency, but a gas system is usually installed outdoors due to ventilation.

There are three types of gas hot water systems. Storage where water is heated and stored in an insulated tank and used when required; Instantaneous (continuous flow hot water), where water is heated only when needed and does not need a storage tank and Solar water heater with instantaneous gas boosting, where a solar hot water system uses gas as a back up the heat the hot water.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Most homes commonly run off electricity.

So having an electric hot water system would be the best option. An electric hot water system would be ideal for larger homes with more residents as they can hold and heat large quantities of hot water. An electric hot water system also benefits from being installed outdoors and indoors.

Two types of electric hot water heaters are Storage tanks and Instantaneous. Both work differently, and deciding what kind of electrical hot water system you want depends on your home and the water you will use.

Let a fully licensed and experienced plumber help choose between a gas or electric hot water system.

When choosing between a gas or an electric hot water system, you need the expert opinion of a licensed and experienced local plumber.

One who will take a holistic approach when suggesting what hot water system suits you. They will take into account your lifestyle, home surroundings and your budget.

They will find the best hot water system for you and your home, whether it’s a gas or electric hot water system. And they’ll advise you on how much the installation and maintenance costs for the hot water system are highly recommended.

A highly professional plumber will provide you with good service for a reasonable price. So, call your licensed plumbing team to install your hot water heater. Call us.

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