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Do I Need A Plumber To Install A Water Filter In Sydney?

Are you wondering if you need a plumber to install a water filter in Sydney? We will tell you the essential points to remember and what you require when installing a water filtration system.

If you have lived on bottled water for a long time, it is time to make a change and go for water filter installation to benefit the environment and yourself.

Installing a water filter in the house (whole house water filter includes shower filters) and having filtered water running directly into your kitchen sink tap will eliminate all the hard minerals, heavy metals, harmful elements and harmful chemicals, making the water safe consumption. With a water filter system, you will notice that dirty dishes become sparkling clean, and your appliances last longer.

Drinking tap water that is free from impurities will also keep your family members healthy. Now, are you wondering if you need excellent service from a plumber to install a water filter in Sydney?

Let us explain everything right here!

Advantages Of Getting A Plumber To Install A Water Filtration System

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Professional plumbing experts are well-versed in installing water filtration systems. They know all the tricks and can safely install the water filter systems besides the water shut-off valve. Alternatively, they can suggest affordable under-the-sink water filter installation like a reverse osmosis water filter. This will purify the water completely, and you can access clean water from all taps in the house. It will also prevent lead poisoning coming from contaminated water.

Water shut-off valves are generally located in utility closets, garages or basements. You may want to change the cartridge every six months, and a plumber will be able to do it quickly.

When you call professional plumbing services for help to get filtered water and the filtration process, they will be better equipped with all the needed tools to install a water filter system. They will come prepared with plumbing solders, pipe cutters, wrenches, hammers, and other essential fittings. If you are to do a whole house filtration system, you may not have all the tools and procuring them just for one job of filtering tap water can be very expensive.

Can One Install A Water Filtration System By Themselves?

You may be used to doing repairs around the house or taking up DIY projects, but please remember that plumbing is not like other tasks, and it is best to leave it to professionals. You might feel like trying your hand at it, but too many things can go wrong.

Attaching a new filter means cutting pipes; you will have leakages if done incorrectly. Next, you will have to connect the fittings in the right way to prevent leakage, which is also a complicated task.

The water filtration system will also need to be placed precisely in position, and a slightly leaning unit may lead to unusual functioning. Simply put, leave the job to a professional to save yourself the hassle.

How Does A Plumber Install A Water Filtration System?

Let us describe the entire step-by-step procedure to make things clear:

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1. Turning Off the Water Supply

First of all, the entire water system needs to be emptied. The professional plumber will close the water supply from the mainline and release the pressure.

2. Cutting Pipes

Then the plumber will identify the best location to cut the pipe. It should be near the shut-off valve and the water supply. Plus, it should be easy to approach so that cartridges can be changed in time.

Once the area is found, the professional will mark and cut it with a pipe cutter. Any raised edge will be eliminated with the help of a blade.

3. Installing The Filter

The fully licensed plumber will use compression nuts on both pipe ends and put the ferrule ring to keep the shaft in place. A brass fitting will be threaded, and the housing ports will be sealed well between the fitting and the filter port.

Ports will be arranged so that water enters through an inlet and leaves through an outlet.

4. Tightening With A Wrench

Once it is in place, the compression nuts will be tightened to keep the fittings. The inlet valve will then be turned off, and the main shut-off valve will be turned on. Then, the tank will slowly fill up with water, and the water filtration system will keep filtering it. If you discover any leak, the local plumber will switch off the water supply and fix it immediately.

Should You Call A Plumber To Install A Water Filter?

While water filtration systems can cost some money to be installed, it will only be a one-time expense. You must replace the cartridge every six months, which should work fine.

Plus, you can choose between standard systems and reverse-osmosis filters, which are slightly more expensive. Purchase one after consulting the local water corporation so that you know the quality of water, especially your drinking water, available in your area.

We are sure you will make a thoughtful and wise decision here. Please take a professional’s advice to complete the job smoothly and quickly.

The friendly and reliable Sydney plumbers at Fixed Today are always available to help you. Our local Sydney plumber has years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing filters in Sydney. Whether residential or commercial property, we can ensure a quick and easy process for all types of water filter installations and plumbing emergencies. For more information, call us today. Or request a quote for water filter installation cost.

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