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What Is The Purpose Of A Water Filtration System?

Are you confused about whether to purchase a water filtration system and how it can benefit you? We will tell you why it is a very efficient addition to the house in this comprehensive guide. 

With pollution and the changing climate, water quality is reducing every day. And contaminated water can have detrimental effects on one’s health.

So, you already know how important water is for us humans, and drinking or taking showers in unhealthy chemical mixed water can cause many health issues. But there are water filtration systems today that will take out most of the harmful contaminants and harmful chemicals from it to prevent this from happening.

However, many complain that these are expensive systems and wonder if they are needed.

To clear your doubts, we will be discussing all the reasons why a filtration system is necessary in the first place. We have divided this guide into two sections, and they talk about the filtration of shower water and tap water.

Why Should You Filter Your Shower Water?

Showering with chlorine water has several disadvantages, and here we will discuss them all.

Shower Water Filter Installed

1. Hair And Skin

Water can contain chlorine and other strong chemicals, which are not suitable for the hair and skin. A shower filter can prevent these chemicals from leading to extreme hair fall or skin problems.

Not only that, chlorine can wash away all the essential oils from the skin and hair. This makes the hair dry and rough, and you will find it difficult to brush. Also, the skin starts aging faster, and you will discover wrinkles appearing in a short period.

Many sensitive skins complain that high chlorine levels may lead to rashes and pimples. The skin tends to get irritated, and rashes break out.

There are moisturisers and other skincare products that can restore oil in the skin and prevent pimples. However, they can be pretty expensive, and you might not be able to spend so much every month.

If you have a filtration system in place, this can easily be avoided, and you will have a permanent solution. Your hair will also be healthier and softer once you start using a filtration system.

2. Respiratory Health

Remember that chlorine is harmful to your respiratory health and causes bronchitis and asthma. If you already have these problems, chlorine inhalation can lead to further complications. Hence, filtration is necessary to reduce the level of chlorine in the water and help maintain good health.

3. Fatigue

Children with low immunity run a greater risk of falling sick after taking showers with chlorine water. It has been found to cause fatigue and bring down kids’ energy levels. However, thanks to a proper filtration system, chlorine-free water will give you and your kids complete protection.

4. Air Quality

Chlorine can stay in the air for some time, and it is known to reduce the air quality around the house. You would not want that, and air purifiers are highly costly to purchase and can lead to huge energy bills. That’s why having a water filter may not be a bad investment.

Why Should You Filter Your Tap Water?

This section will tell you about the benefits of installing a filtration system for your tap water in the kitchen.

Water Filter Kitchen Drinking Water

1. Changes The Taste Of Water

You will notice a significant change in water taste after installing a water filter. It will become healthy and clean, and you can directly use it for cooking and drinking. It eliminates cryptosporidium, preventing gastrointestinal diseases and giardia.

Plus, a filtration system will remove chemicals, bacteria, and pesticides that may have mixed with the water before.

2. Removes Lead

Lead and other heavy metals in water can cause health issues, but a filtration system will remove it all, making the water safe for consumption.

3. Saves Money

You will save so much money when you shift to using water filtration systems in the house. That is because store-bought packaged drinking water is expensive, and purchasing that daily can be very taxing for anybody with an average income.

Also, the endless number of plastic bottles causes pollution and is detrimental to the environment. Thus, installing a water filtration system in the kitchen will be environment-friendly, and you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

4. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

High lead and toxin content in the water can lead to rectal, colon and bladder cancer. Removing chlorine and its byproducts will prevent this risk, and you can provide a healthier life for your family.

5. Betters Immune System

If you have kids in the house, you will know how important it is to maintain and develop their immune systems. Clean and pure water will prove healthier and keep their immune systems functioning properly.

Installing Your Water Filtration System

You must have realised that spending a few extra bucks on a sound water filtration system can save so much money in the future. After all, health care and packaged water are both costly, and you would not want to keep spending on them.

But before you can purchase a filtration system, please make sure that it fits well and has all the properties to make water safe for drinking. You can speak to our team about how a water filtration system can be installed in your home.

Talk to your local authorities and get complete information about the kind of water that your house receives. Then purchase a machine that will make that water safe to drink and take showers in.

We will now leave you to it, and we will soon be back with such informative guides in the future. Let us know if you have any further questions in the comment section below, and we will try to address them in our next read.

Until then, bye!

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