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7 Benefits Of Installing A Water Filter

Would you like to know the benefits of installing a water filter? In this article, we’ve listed the top benefits that household water filtration systems provide to you and your family!!

A clean water supply is vital, as dirty water is detrimental to health.

Installing a good water filter can provide pure drinking water in your home and save you money. A house water filter system also reduces the waste of bottled water. But when we searched the market for the best options for a house water filtration system, we found different kinds of home water filtration systems.

A whole house filtration system could be attached to the main pipeline, while the kitchen sink could keep others. But no matter which home water filtration system you choose, many benefits will be attached to them. Today, we will explain the benefits of installing a whole-house water filter or water purification system and why you should purchase one.

So, let’s get going!

Benefits Of Installing A Water Filter

Water Bottles Stacked Wasting Plastic

1. Save The Environment

You must already know about how plastic is leading to environmental problems all around the world. And plastic bottles are one of the fundamental problems on both land and water because of their heavy usage.

However, purchasing house water filters can finally reduce plastic bottle usage. The bottled water industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and there’s already too much plastic out there. There will be no need to buy these bottles as you’ll get fresh water from whole-house water filters if you have them installed. Also, you can shift to using a steel water bottle or any other reusable one.

You can eliminate the use of plastic with house water filtration systems, and they would be more helpful. Carry a bottle wherever you go; you can have clean and pure water, saving you time and money!

2. Reduce Costs

If you buy water bottles daily, you will know how expensive they are. For a family to drink two to three bottles daily, one can spend more than $500. This amount can become even more significant with time as the global water market is expected to increase.

However, you can significantly reduce the overall costs by redirecting the cash flow and buying a house water filter and consuming purified water. No doubt the initial expense will be more, but it will work for years. All you will need to do is ensure regular maintenance of your water filter systems along with your plumbing system, which plumbing professionals can take care of.

3. Get Safe Water At All Times

Drinking unsafe water can be detrimental to your health, and you should avoid it at all costs. Water with a high level of heavy metals, mineral deposits and harmful chemicals can lead to bad health. There are municipal water systems and state-controlled water systems that send clean water to homes. However, the system can fail sometimes, and you might not be prepared for it.

As a result, having a water filter right at home is always your best option. With a water filter, you can always be sure that the water you drink is clean since contaminants and bacteria are removed.

4. Eliminate Skin Problems

Sensitive skin reacts to polluted water, and you can get acne, psoriasis, and eczema, to name a few of the issues. Then you might also suffer if your skin gets exposed to water chemicals. Without a home filtration system, chlorine damages hair and skin with a large concentration in the water.

Now you would want to come home and enjoy a hot water bath in the tub or take a shower with some freshwater. And a water filter can help you with that. You can enjoy clean water and ensure that your skin always stays protected.

5. Prevent Plumbing Issues

Certain external elements can lead to a wide variety of plumbing issues. This involves heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals that have the power to corrode or damage pipes along with other water-based appliances.

Meanwhile, a filter is needed if you wish to prevent scaling or the accumulation of minerals. It will keep the pipelines safe and free from mineral build-up. However, for plumbing lines, you will need a filter attached to the main water pipeline in the house. Keep the location in mind before installing a new one.

Moving on to vessels in the kitchen, sometimes there are chalky deposits in kettles or other vessels. These are mostly lime and other minerals that have build-up on the sides. These can look unattractive and spoil the overall look of the vessel. Plus, the limescale can make the water or food taste weird.

And if you notice limescale build-up, it is best to get a filter for the entire house water system.

6. Cleaner Clothes

Water with a high level of minerals can often reduce the effect of soap. Detergents in all forms stop lathering well, which means that clothes won’t be washed well.

Also, there could be limescale build-up in the washing machine that may deteriorate the functioning of the machine over time. However, water will lather better and clean clothes well with a good water filter system.

7. Better Tasting Of Drinking Water

One needs to drink around seven to eight glasses of water every day. Even if you cannot drink that much, water is an essential part of the diet, and you would not want it to taste bad.

A water filter becomes necessary, which would remove all the impurities, making it safe for drinking. It should taste fresh and crisp every time you drink from the tap.

Kinds Of Water Filters

There are three common and popular water filtration methods, and we would like to discuss them briefly.

Glass Filtered Water Tap Blue Shirt

1. Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters are generally present near the taps where water flows out. Here, the water flows through the activated carbon filter which removes parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals from the water. It is very inexpensive, making it a popular option. However, the filter needs to be replaced often to ensure clean water.

2. Cation Exchange Systems

The cation exchange system works by creating positively-charged ions, attracting the negatively-charged ions. These involve minerals, magnesium, calcium, and barium, which spoil water taste. Once these are taken out, the water will taste fresh and have no odour.

3. Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis system would work well if you were looking for a whole house filter. To clean the water, it is passed through a semipermeable membrane.

It can handle huge volumes of water at one time and can remove most contaminants. Plus, the system is centrally located, so the entire house can only have clean water.

Advantages Of Water Filters

While you can use a filter for the entire house, you can also consider a pre-filter that would play the role of a sediment filter. It will catch the debris, foreign substances, and other particles in the water supply pipe that could clog the filter.

After these are removed, the rest of the water can flow through the filter, and all foreign substances and minerals will be trapped. This would keep the system operating smoothly for a long time.

Also, the water pressure needs to be just right, so the water filter is not damaged. Remember to watch the water pressure since an excess flow can be dangerous.

Fixed Today can help you if you wish to install a water filter or require the assistance of a licensed plumber in Sydney. We are Sydney’s preferred water filter specialists, providing timely, friendly, and high-quality service. Contact us today.

Until next time!

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