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7 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber In Sydney

Not sure when to call an emergency plumber in Sydney? We have listed the seven most common reasons and different troubles that call for an emergency plumber.

What do you do when a plumbing disaster strikes in the early hours of the morning? Call an emergency plumber, of course!

Immediate care for plumbing issues is essential for the long-term safety of appliances and parts. If plumbing problems are left untreated, they can worsen over time and may lead to irreparable damage to household equipment. Undoubtedly, it's wiser to fix the problem as soon as you spot it rather than wait for it to get out of control. 

Besides, plumbing issues are easier to treat if they are dealt with immediately. Calling an emergency plumber not only gives you immediate solutions but can also save you time and money from the otherwise long-term property damage.

But the question arises - What constitutes an emergency plumbing problem that requires urgent attention? Well, read on to find out.

Why Should You Identify A Plumbing Emergency?

It might be easier to distinguish the problems that can be considered an emergency from those which are not. A dripping tap is hardly an emergency, and you go out of your way to call an emergency plumber for that. 

Most plumbing companies have two types of plumbers on standby: routine plumbers and emergency plumbers. There isn't much difference between the two since both are equally qualified and equipped to handle any plumbing job that might need attention. The only difference is, routine plumbers will be available during business hours while emergency plumbers are on call 24 hours of the day.

Now, even though the qualifications of all plumbers are the same, there is generally a higher fee for emergency plumbers. So, if you can identify what a plumbing emergency is, you can determine when to call an emergency plumber. In other words, knowing if the task can be handled by the regular plumber in the morning will help you save on extra fees.

7 Reasons To Call An Emergency Plumber In Sydney

1. Gas Smell/ Leak

A gas leak is an issue that needs immediate attention because it has the potential to be very dangerous. If you can smell gas in your kitchen, the first thing to do is turn the gas off. Next, open all the windows and doors in the kitchen and adjoining rooms so that fresh air can enter and the collected gas can dissipate.

Without any delay, call your local emergency plumber to have the gas pipes inspected and fixed. As you can imagine, the flammable nature of the gas makes a leakage one of the most significant emergencies you can face. Also, do not turn on any electrical devices like fans or lighters around the area of the leak and if required, you may need to call emergency services depending on the severity.

Gas Stove With Red Kettle Gas Leak 1

2. Burst Pipe

Burst water pipes can cause serious damage, plus they can add huge costs to your water bill. Once a water pipe bursts, it can damage wooden floors, carpets, walls, and even cabinets. Although the reasons can vary, most often, a pipe may burst because of something heavy colliding or falling on it by accident. 

It could also be that the previous work done on the pipe was incorrect, so it didn't last. Additionally, wear due to the age of the pipe and low-quality fixtures can lead to sudden pipe bursts.

In any case, if you face this issue, switch off the main water pipe next to the meter to avoid flooding your home. Immediately call an emergency plumber and have it fixed. Plus, the technicians will clean up the mess before leaving. 

Leaking Copper Pipe In Home 1

3. Blocked Sewer 

If you notice an overwhelmingly smelly toilet, something is not right. A pungent stench in the toilet can indicate that the downpipe has issues or is clogged, which could be directly connected to the sewage system in your home. As you would already know, this main sewer carries wastewater from the toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and washing machines to the community sewer.

And, if this pipeline is blocked or leaking, it will not be able to carry the waste properly, resulting in stinky bathrooms and toilets. That’s why it is better to get this issue fixed immediately unless you want a foul mess. 

Blocked Sewer Drain Emergency Plumbing 1

4. No Water In Taps

Water from the pipes could shut off for various reasons, but it is not common for this to happen. If the water flow suddenly drops or shuts off, it could mean there is a critical leak or a problem with the main water line. When this happens, check the other taps in the house, including both hot and cold water systems, to confirm. 

It's possible that the leak could have arisen in one part of the house, but the absence of water in any of the taps might mean severe damage to the mainline. So, if none of the taps are running, there is a high chance of a burst pipe somewhere in the system. 

Make no delay and call an emergency plumber to check the pipes for you. 

No Water In Taps Emergency Plumbing Issues 1

5. No Hot Water/ Water Heater Issues

Has this happened? You turn on the pipes for your energising morning shower, ready to take on the day. Only the water that hits your back is not warm and comforting but stinging cold and bone-chilling. Here, it's possible that the heater has a few issues which need fixing but check the hot water unit power supply just to be sure. 

Alternatively, it could be a harmless case of excessive use of water throughout the day and the heater not being able to keep up. But if it looks like heater damage, it is not something you should meddle with yourself. It would be best if you consulted a professional to identify the issue and fix it. 

Hot Water Heater Repair Emergency Plumbing 1

6. Hearing Running Water

There is one incident that can occur without homeowners even knowing about it. The problem is often discovered when someone hears water running at night or during the quiet hours of the day without turning on taps. Undoubtedly, hearing this can be considered an emergency.

The reason you must take this seriously is for the simple fact that internal leaks can wreak havoc on several systems simultaneously. They can go unnoticed for a long time and can damage walls and property, requiring hundreds of dollars in repair. 

Leaking Toilet Emergency Plumbing 1

7. Leaking Pipes

Leaks in the corners, water collecting on the roof, or dripping through the ceiling are signs of leaking or faulty pipes. If the water has already started to collect into a pool on your floors or is coming through the pavers in your driveway, then the situation is quite severe. Don't postpone the issue by placing buckets to collect the dripping water and call your nearest emergency plumber instead.

Another situation people might observe are tiny leaks from random pipes or the more common issue of the shower leaking despite being turned off. If the water flow is low, maybe a routine check should be enough. But if you and the house are getting drenched in water, call the emergency plumber without any delay. 

Leaking Pipe Under Bathroom Sink In Modern Bathroom 1

Hiring A Licensed Plumber For Emergencies

You may think that DIY videos online are enough to fix household plumbing issues. And while that may be possible if you know your way around fixtures and equipment, most people don't have the expertise to handle emergency situations. In fact, it is possible to damage the pipeline further if it is not handled with care. 

In simple words, if you are not trained in handling plumbing repairs, it's best to hire a licensed technician to do the job for you. They can make safe, quick repairs and will deliver high-quality work, meaning you can rely on them for emergencies. 

Besides, there are a few states that do not allow homeowners to perform plumbing fixes that affect household health. For example, you need a license before undertaking any plumbing operation in New South Wales. 

Knowing When To Contact A Sydney Emergency Plumber

These seven issues are the most common reasons to consult an emergency plumber in Sydney. To stay on the safer side, check your plumbing for any problems that can be prevented before they escalate to full-blown complications.

We hope this short guide can help you identify the situations that are considered emergencies. So, the next time a plumbing scare occurs, you can distinguish which one requires an emergency plumber and which ones need a routine plumber.

With that, we will see you soon, bye!

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