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How To Unclog a Toilet

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A blocked toilet can occur in any property and there are multiple reasons why it can happen. Flushing too much toilet paper or other objects can clog up the pipework and make it hard for water and waste to travel to your sewer drain. Another reason is tree roots can intrude over time in the pipework and cause cracks and blockages.

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There are signs that indicate your toilet drain is obstructed. Do not ignore these indicators as doing so can impact the lifespan of your drainage system as well as fixtures around your property.

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Water backing up when you flush or a full bowl

This is an obvious sign of a clogged toilet. If after you flush and the water rises or does not go down, a foreign object or too much toilet paper could be stuck in the trap.

Gurgling sound

If you hear a gurgling noise from your toilet or other fixtures around your property, its a sign of problems with the drain. Air to liquid ratio changes inside your drainage system when it is blocked up and these changes can create venting issues.

Water draining slowly

Any object or obstruction that is blocking up your pipeline will create a barrier for water flow. If after you flush and the water is slow to move, then there is a definite blockage in your drainage system.

Smelly toilet drain

Bad odours coming from your bathroom sink can indicate a blockage. The build up of waste from food, grease and sewerage can begin to produce gases that come through vent pipes and fixtures in your property.

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How to unblock a toilet

There are various methods when it comes to clearing your toilet drain and any clogged drain around your home and business. They can range from simple and quick fixes to extensive pipe replacements. Below are some methods you can carry out using household materials.

1) Plunge

A good plunge is sometimes all you need to clear your blocked toilets. This method is only effective on solid blockages. To use a plunger make sure it is large enough to cover the whole drain opening. Ensure that the up and down strokes are vigorous and are applied with a good amount of pressure. About 10 strokes should do the trick

Cover your bathroom floor around the toilet bowl with towels or newspaper and wear gloves to protect your hands. If you can visually see the object then remove it. If not then proceed to cover the toilet opening and begin pushing and pulling movements.

After every cycle of plunging, flush your toilet water should begin to slowly drain. If it does, you can flush the toilet and wait for the water to fill the bowl.

2) Homemade drain cleaner

This DIY remedy is a great way to naturally clear your blocked drain in the kitchen or bathroom sink. This at homemade method is a perfect alternative to harsh chemical cleaners you find at hardware stores. All you need is baking soda and boiling water and vinegar.

Start by pouring boiling hot water down your toilet then add ½ cup of baking soda. Let that sit for a few minutes. Follow by pouring a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup of boiling water again. You can cover the drain with a plug to let the mixture react for 5-10 minutes. Finish off by flushing the sink once more with boiling hot water.

3) Wire Hanger

A simple and effective way to unclog your toilet is by using household metal coat hanger. All you need to do is unravel the hanger and make a small hook on one of the ends. Feed it through the drain and carefully fish out any objects or debris that is causing the blockage. The wire hanger also pushed the blockage through the drain pipes.

This will only work if the object is a few inches away from the drain.

4) Plumbers Snake

The design of a plumbers snake or Auger is made in a way so it fits perfectly in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink. It has a long metallic cable that is flexible. On one end is an auger, which is essentially a driller. This rotates to cut through stubborn material. On the end is a handle for gripping.

Feed the auger carefully down the toilet bowl and into the drain until you feel some resistance. This means you have reached the obstruction. Keep pushing and twisting the make until you know you have broken the object. You will feel less resistance.

Remove the snake and flush the toilet. The water should drain quickly.

5) High pressure Jet Blaster

For the more severe blockages, the use of a high pressure jet blaster is best. Most experienced and licenced plumbers carry a jet blaster on them as this method is great for objects such as tree roots lodged inside the pipework.

Jet blasters are run through your pipework such as sewer drains. The powerful water jets through the line and pushes any the material that is in its way.

Along with CCTV camera work, your blockage will be located and cleared at the same time. For any major blockages, it's best that you call your local licenced plumber as they will know exactly how to get your drain blockage cleared effectively.

To unclog your toilet, it is always recommended to call an experienced plumber. As they will have the right equipment ready. You don't want to create a bigger plumbing problem for yourself, so get on the phone and contact your local trusted plumbing team to.

They can use a plunger or powerful jet blaster if your toilets blocked or any other drain around your home and business.

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