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Can Bleach Help Unblock My Toilet?

Are you facing issues with a clogged toilet in the bathroom? Here’s all you need to know about using bleach to get rid of stubborn clogged toilets. 

A clogged toilet is both unsightly and highly unsanitary. It disrupts proper water drainage and eventually leads to off-putting odours.

Fortunately, handheld plungers and cleaning agents, like baking soda and vinegar, can help unblock toilets. But what if you don’t have the proper cleaning solutions or plungers in the house? If it comes to that, you can always trust a bottle of good ol’ bleach to do the trick.

Applying bleach is one of the easiest and cheapest methods for unclogging a blocked toilet. You can easily find a bottle of bleach lying around your storeroom or laundry room.

However, there are different ways of using bleach to unclog your toilet, and we’ll be discussing these methods today. But first, let’s find out how bleach works to resolve this common household plumbing issue.

How Can Using Bleach Unclog Toilets?

Bleach is a common chemical agent used domestically to clean and remove stains and is sold under several different brand names. Chemically speaking, liquid bleach is the dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite.

When it comes to unclogging toilets, bleach works as a disinfectant that breaks down the waste build-up inside the toilets. In other words, the liquid bleach solution releases oxygen molecules, which oxidise and break down the chemical bonds of the waste and stains. As a result, you can easily wash them off your toilet.

Additionally, commercial bleaches come with various antimicrobial properties. So, you can use them to sterilise your bathroom toilets and prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, and viruses in the bathroom. All in all, the bleaching process helps keep your bathroom clean and sterilised.

What Will You Need For Unclogging Toilets With Bleach?

Before going forward with the bleaching process, it is best to have a clear idea about your required items. Firstly, you’ll need one to two cups of liquid bleach. Secondly, you need to have about two gallons of hot water for washing away the bleach while unclogging your toilet.

You will also require protective goggles and latex gloves as bleach can lead to severe chemical burns. Once you have all these items, you can proceed with the bleaching process.

Methods Of Using Bleach To Unclog A Toilet

Person Bleach Products Stnading Bathroom

1. Using Only Bleach

If you’re using only bleach for unclogging the toilet, do not forget to wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. The gloves will protect your hands from chemical burns, while goggles guard your eyes against splashes.

Now, pour one to two cups of liquid bleach inside the toilet. If there’s more water in the bowl, you might need to increase the amount of bleach. Since more water in the toilet means more clogging, you’ll need to add more bleach.

Once poured, let the bleach do its work for 10 to 15 minutes, and then flush the toilet. Your toilet will perhaps be as good as new. However, always remember to turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom while using bleach by itself. It helps in proper ventilation and prevents inhaling any toxic chemical fumes.

2. Using Bleach And Hot Water

If you’re not satisfied with using only bleach for unclogging the toilet, you can also add some hot water to the mix for a better result.

Begin the process by adding two cups of liquid bleach to the toilet bowl and leaving it there to work for about 10 minutes or so. After that, add hot water to the bowl to fill the toilet halfway.

Now, let this liquid bleach and hot water mixture rest for five to seven minutes. Finally, flush the toilet multiple times to wash off the mixture and ensure that your toilet is clog-free.

But, never forget to wear your rubber gloves and protective goggles throughout the process. And also, make sure there’s adequate ventilation in the bathroom.

Pouring Hot Water Toilet

Unblocking Your Toilet With Bleach

Unclogging toilets can be a smooth process when you’re using bleach. Indeed, you can easily maintain bathroom hygiene by keeping your toilets clean and clog-free with this handy household item.

We’re sure you now know how to apply our tips and tricks to keep your bathroom toilet unclogged using bleach.

We suggest you take caution while using bleach and never forget to gear up properly before applying this chemical solution. And most importantly, if you have kids or pets in the house, keep the bottle of liquid bleach well outside their reach.

And on that note, we’ll be signing off. Stay safe!

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