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How To Unclog A Toilet Using Salt

If You Have A Blocked Toilet, Follow This Guide To Unblock A Toilet Using Salt. Step-by-Step Guide To Unclog Your Toilet.

Through years of usage, your toilet can complain and show signs it needs your attention. You can have a running bowl, flushing issues, a squeaky toilet seat, a leakage or a badly blocked toilet.

A blocked toilet is something that every homeowner doesn’t want to deal with. But you may have to clear a faulty toilet bowl or clogged toilet drain to run a household. A clogged toilet can interrupt your daily life and cause a very unsanitary environment in your home.

Toilets need to be fully functioning. To work effectively and carry waste to your sewer pipes and drainage system.

Unclog Toilet Salt

The only thing that should be flushed down the bowl is toilet paper, water and human waste. Any other items can block up the pipe and interfere with the natural flow of water. Some indications of a blocked-up toilet drain are,

  • Slow draining water after flushing or if you need more water before everything flushes
  • Toilet bowl full or overflowing
  • Gurgling sound
  • A strong rotten egg smell coming from the bowl

If you notice these signs, you may have an issue with your toilet drainage and pipes system. There are a few ways to unclog your toilet.

Depending on the severity and size of the obstruction, a simple plunge will be enough to loosen the material and send it on its way. If that fails, you can use salt (Epsom salt or table salt), baking soda, or both as good methods of unclogging toilets.

What can you pour down a toilet to unclog it?

Because any liquid that is poured down your sink and drains eventually ends up in our oceans, it is always best to use natural ingredients that you can find in your home to produce a natural cleaning solution.

Most solutions you can locate in your everyday pantry, such as vinegar, salt and baking soda, are very effective and the safest option for clearing a blocked drain. To prevent clogging, salt may be a great item but not only that. It’s also a deodorizer and effective at removing odours.

Using harsh chemicals or commercial toilet cleaners can harm the environment, so avoiding anything that can hurt our most precious resource is best.

And the benefit of using an all-natural solution is that you most likely have these ingredients in your home. There is no need to spend money searching for a drain cleaner and saving the environment and your wallet in the long run!

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How do you unclog a toilet with salt?

You can clear your blocked toilet without a plunger by grabbing these key ingredients and following this simple method.

  1. How much Epsom salt do you need for your mixture? Using your measuring cup, mix half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt into a container that’s easy to pour. (Optional: You can combine salt with tartar cream in the mixture)
  2. Pour the salt solution directly into your toilet bowl.
  3. Boil some water and reserve 6 cups.
  4. Pour hot water (6 cups) into the toilet bowl. (Don’t use boiling water on PVC pipes) Be careful not to burn yourself in the process. Stir the boiling water, baking soda, and salt mixture.
  5. Let the hot water and salt solution sit overnight or for at least eight hours. You can immediately notice the chemical reaction because water and magnesium sulphate produces a funny bubbling sound.
  6. Once you have let it sit, pour one cup of hot water down the drain and flush the toilet.

You can repeat these steps several times to ensure the clog has been moved. Another effective method for toilet clog is using rock salt or dish soap to maintain clear drains and pipes for your clogged toilet.

Take a cup of rock salt and add 9 litres of hot water into a bucket. Dissolve the salt entirely and slowly pour it into the toilet. Let it work its magic overnight and flush in the morning.

The rock salt down your toilet drain will break down any material, such as grease and debris.

Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

Unclog Toilet Salt

Depending on the severity of the blockage and the cause, you can DIY a clogged toilet or use a drain snake through the drain hole. But if your all-natural solutions or homemade drain cleaners do not work, it could be severe toilet clogs, or your drainage issue could be more complex. You could have a tree root growing into your pipeline, or your pipes could have collapsed or cracked. Call your trusted plumber if a more complex issue with drains or your toilet tank requires a professional inspection. This may need more than a plunger or salt and boiling water mixture. It would be best to have the expert advice of a professional drain cleaner—someone who knows the best solution to save your toilet bowl from a clog.

Plumbing issues have many causes, and removing or replacing the toilet is not easy. It’s not a project for the faint of heart. You are always recommended to contact your local licensed plumber to carry out any repairs and replacements in your bathroom. You can always call your trusted plumbing team to assist you with your blocked toilets, a clog in your drain or an overflowing sewer drain. At Fixed Today, we have the equipment to clear any sized blockage.

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