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How to fix a squeaking toilet seat

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Your toilet is one of the most used parts of your home and when you start to have a squeaky toilet seat can be extremely frustrating. Your toilet system needs to be working in the best condition.

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Whenever you open and close the toilet lid or sit down on the seat and it makes a squeaking noise, it could mean it is loose.

You should not ignore this as leaving it can cause further damage to your toilet suite such as the toilet bowl. Not to mention it will be uncomfortable for whoever is using the toilet. 

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Why does my toilet creak?

There are a few reasons why the lid of your toilet is noisy. The constant movement of the toilet seat lid, sitting and heavyweight put on the toilet could have made the nuts and bolt loose.

Your toilet suit may be old and need to be replaced.

The bolts and nuts could be worn out over time and may need to be changed.

Whatever the reason, you can repair a squeaky toilet seat with minimal help and with tools you can find in your local hardware store.

How do I fix a wobbly toilet seat?

This is fairly easy to do and you can use most tools from a hardware store

  1. Expose the bolts that are used to secure the seat in place. If the bolts are covered with a plastic flap, you can use a screwdriver to open the screw covers.
  2. You can tighten the bolts by using a screwdriver and turning clockwise until they are tight. Some bolts just spin without tightening and if this is the case, you will need to use pliers to grip the nut head and with pliers and carefully turn the screwdriver clockwise from below.
  3. You can alternatively tighten the bolts from under the bowl. It is easier to use a ratchet wrench to tighten the bolts on a toilet seat.
  4. If the toilet seat bolts refuse to tighten or break off, you may need to replace them. You can find the nuts in any home improvement or hardware store. To remove the bolts, use a hacksaw blade. Find a hacksaw that is appropriate in size so as to not damage the toilet.

Toilet seat tightening kit

You may also like to purchase a toilet seat tightening kit from your local hardware store or home improvement store.

These kits have everything you need to successfully repair toilet seats from making noise and moving such as washers and wrenches.

They are user friendly and should have an easy step by step guide.

  1. Carefully remove the damaged nuts from the seat.
  2. Search the kit for washers and place a new rubber washer onto the new bolts from under the toilet bowl. Attach the but back onto the bolt.
  3. Reattach the toilet seat and ensure that it is aligned correctly. You will have to tighten the nuts by hand first and then with the wrench to make another 1/4 turn to fully tighten it.
  4. Wipe away any dirt and grime and test the toilet seat to make sure it is secure.

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