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How To Use A Plumber’s Snake For Unclogging A Drain

6 Steps to unblocking a clogged drain using a plumbers snake. The exact steps explained. Plumbing snakes are a great tool used by plumbers for unblocking all types of drains.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a blockage in your drainpipes. There are many ways to remove foreign material in your drainage systems, such as food, grease build-up, and toilet paper. These include using organic drain cleaners or your baking soda and vinegar solution. You can also utilise a plunger, drain snakes, plumbers snake, and jet blaster.

A plunger is ideal as the first step of clearing a blockage in your pipes. Use a drain snake when your sink, shower, or tub drain drains slowly. Plunging small items is quick and easy and can be used with a standard-sized plunger. A blocked toilet is another matter and may require more.

The only downside of this method is that food or foreign material may rely on more pressure to loosen up. Stubborn clogs may require a tool that penetrates and cuts through.

Unclog Drain Plumbers Snake

A high-pressure jet blaster uses water that shoots powerful water through your clogged pipe. The water pressure will break down the obstruction and push it through your pipeline.

A jetter usually is only used for major obstructions in your outside drainage.

There are many different kinds of tools that can be used at home. In most cases, a good plunge is enough to loosen any small object, but sometimes, you need a tool that has a bit more power.

A snake cable or drain auger, or a ’plumbers snake’, is an ideal instrument specifically used to deal with an obstruction in your drain pipes in a domestic capacity.

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How does a plumber snake work?

The design of a plumber snake is made in a way that fits perfectly in your kitchen sink drain, bathroom or laundry sink. It has a long metallic cable that is flexible. On one end is an auger, which is essentially a driller.

This rotates to cut through stubborn material. On the end is a handle for gripping.

It first inserts the driller into your drain and connects the clogged drains to the pipe. You can manually insert the drain snake and rotate the handle to go deep into your drain pipe and even reach your p trap, where most clogs are usually trapped.

Once the auger hits your clogged drain opening, it will break down the food, grease, or toilet paper stuck in the line.

Can I snake my drain?

You can use a plumber snake to unclog your kitchen, bathroom or laundry drain. You only need a drain snake to purchase or hire from any trusted home improvement store to unblock drains. By following these simple steps, you can learn to clear your drainage system at home effectively. But be careful. Misusing a snake can damage the pipes and lead to significant leaks.

Step 1

Prepare your working area by laying towels or old rage around the pipework. This is to catch any water or waste that could come out of your drain.

It is best to wear old clothing to avoid getting dirty. Cleaning out your drain is messy work. Gloves are a great way to protect your hands from soil and bacteria during snaking. Lay some rags or old towels below the drain pipe you’re unclogging.

Step 2

The p-bend or sink p trap is a curved part of your drain. It is located under the sink. It connects the sink drain to the main drain pipe. Its job is to prevent sewer smells from escaping out of the sink.

Removing this trap is unnecessary, but you must clean it beforehand as some material can be stuck. The sink p-trap can be removed manually or using an adjustable pipe wrench.

Cleaning out the p-bend or p-trap may be sufficient to clear the obstruction in your pipes and make it easier for the drain auger to work.

Step 3

It is optional to remove the drain trap arm, which is located between the main drain pipe and the p-trap. If removing the sink trap arm is possible, you’ll be closer to the main drain pipe. This section could have a clog. If you find obstructive material, use a coat hanger wire to remove any food, toilet paper or foreign material.

Do not remove the trap arm if it is glued onto the wall. You can remove it if a plastic or metallic nut connects it.

Step 4

Start by threading the head of your plumbing snake through the drain pipe. After manually inserting the drain snake, You can run cold water whilst the snake if the trap is still connected.

Slowly continue to feed the auger through the drain. As the snake moves deeper consistently, rotate the handle until you feel resistance. You may have reached the obstruction.

Step 5

Once you have reached the blockage in your clogged drains, rotate the auger drill. This will break up any material. Exercising caution when feeding the auger snake is essential. Be careful to avoid scraping your pipe walls.

You will know if you have cleared the blockage if you feel no more resistance or when the plumber’s snake uncoils.

If the plumbers’ snake becomes stuck, pull out the snake as it is possible to pull the blockage.

Step 6

The next step is to remove the plumbers’ snake. Clean all parts that you have taken apart and reassemble all the components of your drainage pipe. Clean the auger and further inspect your sink and drain to search for remaining clogs.

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If you have further issues with your drainage system, call a reputable company to clear your blocked drain successfully. An experienced plumbing team will have the tools and knowledge to manage minor and severe blockages.

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