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How To Unclog an Outdoor Drain

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When your outside drainage is blocked, it can create major issues for the rest of your property.

Not only do you have overflowing sewer waste contaminating your yard, but your toilets and internal drains could be affected and cause frustration for your household.

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You might feel overwhelmed by your external drain issue, but it can be fixed. There are steps you can take to get your drainage plumbing back to working in perfect condition again.

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What causes a blocked outside drain?

Outside drains are connected to your internal plumbing, such as bathroom, kitchen and laundry sink as well as toilets and water pipes.

Sometimes a blocked drain can originate from an obstruction in the sink caused by grease, hair, food, toilet paper or another item that has become lodged. Over time, your pipes may become so congested that it will interrupt the flow of water to your sewer pipes.

For a major drain blockage, there are a few reasons why it can happen. Tree roots can be the biggest culprit. Plants and roots thrive in wet and moist areas. And if there is even the slightest crack or split in the pipework, roots can take hold and begin to grow.

Once tree roots anchor themselves and begin to grow internally, pipes can become crushed and weak. Causing a severe obstruction. By following these recommendations, you will be able to save your clogged drain.

Step 1: Assessment

A visual assessment is the first important step. This allows you to determine the extent of the problem and what steps to take. If the obstruction is clear to see or if you need professional assistance.

You can access your outdoor drainage by removing the drain cover simply by using a screwdriver.

Go over the drain opening and see if you can identify any material that is easy to clean by hand. If not, then the obstruction may be deeper in the drain. Specific equipment may be needed for the job.

Step 2: Appropriate Tools

To unblock an outside drain, you may need certain equipment such as a plumber snake or Auger or drain rods. For external drains, a Drum Auger is best to use.

It is motorised and is powerful to cut through tree roots. On one end of the flexible auger is a metal wire that is coiled.

This is what is used to break through material and cut it up or use it as a hook where you can fish out the obstruction.

Jet blasters are also perfect for drain clearing. High pressure water is jetted through the pipes to push through the blockage. Make sure you always have protective clothing, masks and gloves as it can be a messy job. Have a bucket handy to dispose of the waste material.

Step 3: Manual Retrieval

If you can visually see the blockage, you can carefully remove it by hand. Make sure you have your gloves on and take out every piece of blockage you can see. Place it inside your bucket for disposing of later.

Step 4: Clearing the Blockage

Using your drain rod or drum auger, it is time unblock the drain. Carefully insert the rod inside your drain and either manually turns the rod clockwise or switch on the motor, depending which equipment you are using.

When you feel resistance, you have reached the obstruction. Keep using the auger or rod until you can feel the blockage lessen and dissipate. You may have to give it more than one attempt.

Step 5: Clean Up

Using the high-pressure jet blaster or hose, you can give the drain a final cleaning to ensure the pipework is clear. You can try this method a few times to ensure the blockage has been completely cleared.

Step 6: Calling a Plumber

If you find the job to big or complex, you can contact your local plumbing team. A drainage expert is able to get through to the most stubborn of blocked drains. The team at Fixed Today have the skills and recourses to get your outside drain system working again.

Regular drain cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your drainage system and pipework. You can ask Fixed Today about annual drain maintenance at your property.

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