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Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

When plumbing issues arise, you always go to your trusted plumbers for advice. In this blog, we’ll answer all your plumbing questions!

We get a lot of calls throughout the day from people wanting to know about their plumbing issues. And we try and get to the bottom of every plumbing issue from that first point of contact as best as possible. And even though a plumbing problem needs a visual assessment to determine the issue and find the best solution, it’s always the best idea to contact a local and licensed plumber to determine the best steps to solve your plumbing problem. This blog answers some of the most frequently asked plumbing questions.

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Do you charge anything to come out?

This question is essential as it lets the potential customer know if a plumbing service and getting a plumber out will cost them anything. Every plumbing company runs differently and has its policies in place. A call-out fee is charged for the plumber to come out to you. This may be different from a ’quoting fee’, and some companies may charge both or one or the other.

Can you give a rough price over the phone?

A professional plumbing service company has a pricing guideline that they refer to when discussing pricing with a potential customer over the phone. Other plumbing companies do all of their quoting onsite. Getting a rough price over the phone is good for getting an idea of the costs involved for a plumbing job, but it is not ideal as there could be variations that the potential customer is unaware of. Getting an onsite quote is best as all of the information on the works involved is readily available.

My drain is blocked; what can I use to unblock my drain?

Drains come in different sizes, such as stormwater drains to kitchen sink drains. And every blockage varies in severity. A plunge will be sufficient for smaller drains to clear any debris lodged inside. For larger drains such as sewer and stormwater, a high-pressure jet blaster and possibly a CCTV camera will be needed to locate the blockage and clear it up. All blocked drains should be investigated thoroughly to find out the cause and find a permanent solution. A licensed plumber will have this equipment on hand and experience in handling this equipment safely and effectively.

My water bill is unusually high; could I have a possible water leak?

This issue may be tricky if there is no visible water around. A thorough investigation is needed to determine precisely where the leak is coming from. Most signs of a water leak are an unusually high water bill, a water meter ticking over faster than usual and sometimes rattling and banging noises coming from pipes in the wall. Call your licensed water leak expert to locate your leak and find a permanent solution for your water leak.

I can smell gas in my home. Do I have a gas leak? What should I do?

This concern is critical and should be treated seriously. The first step should be to turn off the gas meter and ensure no naked flames are open. Remove yourself from the suspected area and call your trusted and licenced gas plumber to investigate the gas leak as soon as possible. Follow any advice from the plumber whilst you are waiting.

If you have any plumbing questions, call your local Sydney plumber. Fixed Today is happy to discuss any plumbing issue or concern you may have, no matter how big or small. We only give honest and upfront permanent solutions that work best for you and your home.

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