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Why Does My Shower Lose Hot Water When Someone Turns On A Tap?

Does your shower seem to go cold every time someone turns on another tap in your house? Our extensive guide will tell you why.

When you turn on the shower taps, you expect hot water to come out of the showerhead. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting a long time for a shower to heat up or trying to have a relaxing hot shower and suddenly being hit by cold water pressure.

There are many shower parts , including the drain, faucet, taps and pipelines. The water pipes and fixtures in your property are all connected. Sometimes, when someone uses another tap in your kitchen or laundry or even flushes the toilet, you may experience a loss of heating in your shower.

Shower Lose Hot Water Turns Tap

This is due to the water supply from the hot water tank and the water pipes working simultaneously.

It is essential to know how your plumbing system works. Pipes carry water through different channels that all originate from one big pipe. This is connected to the hot water heater and other pipes that use various fixtures such as taps, toilets and sinks.

Water is continuously being pumped around the property simultaneously. When you turn on your hot water tap in the kitchen whilst the shower is running, hot water flow to the shower head is interrupted and given to the pipe leading to that tap. That is why you suddenly burst cold water as the hot water line is used. This works in reverse, also.

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How Do You Keep Water Hot When Someone Turns On A Tap?

You can make a few adjustments to your house’s plumbing system to preserve heat and pressure when you shower.

Water Efficient Taps

You can install a water-efficient tap set in your bathroom. The function of the water-efficient faucet is to slow down the speed of water travelling through your household pipes.

You may not want to replace the taps in your shower, so you can have an aerator fitted instead. An aerator is an attachment on the tip of the tap head. It adds air to the water stream, limiting the flow of the hot water system through the faucet.

Water-Saving Showerhead

A water-saving shower head works similarly to a water-efficient faucet system. It reduces the pressure of water through air bubbles. It is attached to the top of the shower head and can be removed when needed.

Water-saving showerheads and faucets are an ideal plumbing solution, and they are relatively easy to achieve in your home. The most viable solution is the combination of regulated water pressure, which helps maintain running water temperature and look after the environment and your wallet.

Correct Pipework

A plumbing problem such as inconsistent hot and cold water temperatures can be due to incorrectly installed pipework, or the sizing may be insufficient for supply and demand. A licensed plumber can check the size and condition of the piping.

Only Use One Fixture At A Time

The easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure you don’t lose hot water when using the shower is to refrain from using multiple faucets or toilets simultaneously.

It may sound simple enough, but it is the most effective method to prevent heat from escaping a fixture, such as a showerhead.

Why Does My Shower Lose Hot Water?

You will encounter a water temperature problem, whether cooking in the kitchen or washing up in the bathroom. It is a common issue that can be easily repaired.

The cause might not be down to one reason alone. It may be a combination of various factors. Troubleshooting the problem will be the first step in efficiently getting water flowing in your home.

High Quality Shower Head Turned

No Hot Water In Your Shower

The issue may lie in the shower if you get hot water to every fixture except for your showerhead. Check the shower mixing valve or fix a worn-out washer or O-ring. The cartridge could be broken, and these valves need to be replaced.

The problem could also be further down in the line. Inspect the pipework to ensure there is no leak or possible corrosion.

No Hot Water Throughout The Property

Inspecting the hot water tank is worth checking if you are experiencing a loss of heated water throughout your house. Depending on the condition and the age of the unit, you could need a replacement.

The type and size of the current water heater may not be keeping up with the demand for the number of showers being taken. Check the piping and valve on the tank, as there may be a leak to fix.

The 8 Causes (And Fixes) Of Low Hot Water Pressure

Below are some common reasons you are experiencing a drop in water pressure. From finding the source, you can determine the appropriate steps to find the best solution for your water flow and heating issues.


A tempering valve is a safety mechanism that prevents water from heating too much and causing severe burns. It regulates the temperature to a safe level. All valves need to be replaced periodically to prevent accidents. A plumber will help inspect the tempering valve’s condition and replace it with a new one.


Blocked and cracked pipes are a significant cause of low water pressure. Many items and materials can get lodged between the hot and cold pipes, creating a barrier against water. A pipe and drain specialist can unclog the pipe system and repair rusted or blocked pipes.


A hot water system may have a filter that can get clogged with debris. These filters are found on the inlet and outlet valves. The water pressure will be affected if the filter is not regularly cleaned. Like any filter around your home, regular cleaning is required to ensure no blockages.


Leaks can cause significant issues in household plumbing systems. If you are experiencing a leak in your hot water system tank, contact a plumber to get the correct part repaired or replaced. You may also encounter a leak in your pipes, preventing high-pressure hot water. To be fixed correctly, it is essential to determine where the leak is coming from.

Shower Head And Taps

Low pressure with hot water may be isolated to one fixture, like a bathroom tap or showerhead. Opening the fixture and replacing worn-out washers or O-rings is recommended. It will help if you clean the streaming hot shower head of any built-up debris. Older-style taps could have a water-saving device attached; however, you can remove that to increase the water pressure.

Sediment Inside Hot Water Tank

Over time, minerals and sediment can build up inside your water heating system. The longer you leave the unit in this condition, the worse the build-up is. Too much sediment and debris can create blockages and corrode the pipework and valves. A licensed plumbing team can flush out and service your water heater. An excellent internal cleaning will extend the life of the unit.


Correct installation of a water heater is crucial to the performance of the hot water supply. A licensed and experienced plumbing team will be able to install your hot water tank correctly and safely. If the piping and valves are not installed and connected correctly, the tank will not work. A professional water heater plumber will use the right tools and materials and inspect the unit to ensure it runs perfectly.

Hot Water Tank

Your water heater is the heart of your household’s hot water. It dictates the pressure and temperature coming to your fixtures. The tank has a lifespan of around ten years; once it reaches that time, you may want to start looking at a new system. A plumber will help you find the best tank for your needs, whether you want a gas or electric run unit. Finding the perfect size and type of tank will make the difference in providing hot water in your household.

Alternatively, if the unit is relatively new but is leaking or not performing at its best, repair work can be made to prolong its shelf life. A professional will know what will work.

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Hot Water Steaming Bath

Call A Plumber

You should contact a reputable plumbing company to determine the cause of low water pressure and temperature issues. The plumbing system in your home needs the proper care and attention that only an experienced team can provide. Schedule a regular maintenance check of your plumbing system. With the correct inspection, your water system problem will be sorted out, and you can run cold water in the home without interrupting showers. Let experienced professionals take care of it so you can have your hot and cold water running quickly!

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