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How Do You Test A Toilet Flush Valve?

This easy step-by-step guide teaches how to test a toilet flush valve properly. Find out what tools you need and the common problems with toilet flush valves so that you can be equipped to fix any issues!

Your toilet tank can leak without any warning signs. This can lead to wastage of water and weak pressure when you flush.

The reason for such a leak could be the fill valve opening periodically. Therefore, you need to keep checking your toilet tank and the flush valve occasionally. This is quite a simple test that many can perform.

Hence, we have curated this guide on how to test your toilet flush valve and fix it accordingly. Keep reading.

How To Test A Toilet Flush Valve

Testing to see leaks in your flush valve is quite simple and easy. You will only need food colouring. To do that, dye your toilet tank water with some food colouring. You can then wait for a moment and check the toilet bowl for dyed water. If you see any, it means your toilet tank is leaking.

Now that you have tested your toilet tank for leaks, you should know how to fix it.

Pushing Flush Button Toilet

Choosing The Right Fix For Your Toilet Flush Valve

Your toilet tank can be of two different setups.

The older model of the fill valve has a tank ball float attached at the end of a long metal rod. On the other hand, the modern model fill valve has a cylindrical float moving vertically up and down a shaft. When there is a leak, it could be because the fill valve is damaged. So, you will need a new fill valve to fix the issue.

Here, it is essential to remember the type of fill valve you are currently using, as the fix will differ accordingly.

How To Fix The Flush Valve Of Your Toilet

You will need the following things before starting the process:

  • A wrench
  • Dry towel
  • A flat-blade screwdriver
  • Food Colouring

Toilet Flush Valve Cistern

Step 1: Turning off the water supply

You would not want to be drenched as you fix the toilet flush valve, so remember to turn off the water supply at the supply valve. To do that, locate the knob based on the set-up of your toilet. Turn the knob counterclockwise with your hand or wrench until water stops running inside the toilet tank.

Step 2: Drain any remaining water

Now that the water supply is cut off, it will not fill up again. Drain any excess water from the toilet tank and wipe the toilet tank with a dry towel, so you have a dry surface to work with for a better grip.

Step 3: Unscrewing the flush valve

Keep hold of the nuts below the bowl with your wrench. Then unscrew the two rubber bolts at the side of the flush valve with a screwdriver. Do not put too much pressure as the tank can crack or break with it.

Step 4: Installing a new valve

Remove the broken flush valve and place the new one with the overflow pipe facing the flush valve. This is important because the overflow pipe needs to be vertically placed so that water does not overflow. Lastly, use your wrench to tighten the bolts of the new fill valve.

Step 5: Final check

Turn on the water supply to the toilet tank and add some food colouring. As it fills up, check for any leak in the toilet bowl and tighten the screws as necessary. Turn the flush lever once to check the water pressure.

Other Common Problems With A Toilet Flush Valve

Plumber Changing Flush Valve

A. Broken toilet flapper

In case of a worn-out toilet flapper, you will have leaks. The fix is quite simple.

  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet tank at the supply valve.
  • You can remove the old flapper attached to the overflow tube and detach the chain from the handle arm.
  • Attach a new flapper to the overflow tube by reserving the last step.
  • Once completed, check for any leaks with dyed water.

B. Blocked flush valve seat

Another reason for leaking flush valves could be a blocked flush valve seat due to mineral deposits. With mineral deposits, the flapper will not seal properly against the flush valve seat, so it will need to be cleaned. To do that, you need to:

  • Turn off the water supply at the supply valve.
  • Remove any mineral deposits with a soft sponge carefully.
  • Be careful not to put too much pressure and scratch the surface.
  • Once you remove all the mineral deposits, turn on the water supply to fill the toilet tank and check your toilet bowl for leaks.
  • Lastly, press the flush lever to check the water pressure.

Testing a Toilet Valve

A leaking flush valve may seem like an insignificant issue at first. However, if it is not fixed quickly, it can lead to water wastage, and as a result, you may get high water bills. In this case, regularly test your toilet tank for leaks and fix the problem immediately.

Our guide above shows how to do that with easy steps to follow. However, we understand if you’re unsure about conducting a DIY fix. In that case, you can hire professional plumbers for your work. At Fixed Today, we provide the most experienced Sydney plumbers to repair your flush valve. As we offer upfront pricing, there won’t be any surprises during billing time. Our team is also always on board for emergency plumbing services.

So, no matter the time of day, you can rely on Fixed Today for any plumbing service.

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