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Types Of Flushing Mechanisms In Toilets

Take a look at all the toilet flushing mechanisms all included in this article. Details and everything going in.

If you need to remove and install a new toilet, you must assess how you will handle the project. Will you do it yourself, or will you hire a professional to do it for you?

You may think buying a toilet is as easy as flipping through a catalogue and ordering what you want. It can be this simple if you know your options and you’ve done your due diligence to consider factors you need to check.

Regarding the size of your property, if your bathroom is not large enough, you could maximise your space with a wall-hung toilet. Use the dual flush toilets as your best option for environmental considerations, saving water, and easing your monthly water bills. More types of flushing mechanisms will be discussed below.

Choose flush toilets if you don’t want to spend more on the extra pipework. They’re the perfect bet due to their mobility. Your best option will be to purchase toilets with similar dimensions to your old ones. This way, you can play around with the layout of your bathroom without any expense. For your toilet bowl types, you can opt for round or elongated. These are the basic types accessible in the market. Round toilets will suit smaller bathrooms, while elongated toilets are more comfortable.

It’s also important to consider the three outlet trapway types, including the skirted ones, offering a clean line from front to back; concealed types with a smooth surface at the back of the toilet where you can see the tramway; and exposed ones, which are harder to clean because of their location.

Your Toilet Flushing Mechanism

Your toilet flushing system is one of the most critical components of your toilet system. You may think that your toilet flushing system is pretty basic, but there are many types of flushing systems worldwide, and they all work differently.

The primary function of a flush toilet is to wash your waste down the drain pipes and into your sewerage system.

The flushing system has been around for centuries and began to take effect in the 20th century when new technology expanded.

To remove waste from the toilet, a person must manually flush the bowl by pouring water or throwing away the contents in their ’potty’.

Nowadays, manufacturers are developing new ideas for flushing systems and ways to save household water consumption. Below are the different types of toilet flush systems.

Flushing Mechanisms Toilets

Standard Toilet Tank (Gravity Flush Systems)

The standard or gravity flush system is the most traditional flushing system. The standard toilet tank works by pulling or pressing a device that stimulates the water to drain from the bowl into the drain pipes and the sewer.

The components of this type of system are a siphon and an S-shaped drain line. This is connected from the toilet bowl to the drain.

The pressure is created in the siphon when the bowl empties. This forces the contents to get sucked down the drain.

After the waste is drained, the tank refills water to the set level inside the bowl. This system consumes the most water with every flush but is the most standard and affordable design.

Tankless Toilets

This system is similar to the standard toilet with the bowl and seat, but this type has no toilet tank. The tankless toilet flush is pressure-assisted. They generally come with chrome-plated piping exposed if installed in commercial properties. For residential properties, the pipework is concealed inside the wall framing.

The tankless toilet is more efficient with water consumption but is more expensive with the initial installation.

Dual Flush

The dual flush toilet comes with the option of removing liquid waste and solid waste separately.

This design reduces water consumption as the amount of water for liquid waste is less than for solid waste. You can choose between a full flush or a partial flush.

These toilet flush system styles are the most water-efficient as the dual button option can reduce water consumption.

Ballock Flush Systems

The name of this system comes from the floating ball, which is called a Ballcock that is attached to a rod. The water level in the toilet bowl is activated by the plunger connected to the rod.

When the rod moves, it activates the plunger, which then causes the water level to fill or empty in the tank.

Flapper Flush Valves

The Flapper Flush Valve works the same way as the Ballcock flush mechanism, with the difference being that there is no ball but a flapper gadget connected to a lever.

When the flapper fills with air, it floats when you press the flush mechanism. This action removes the flapper from its seat and allows the water supply to enter the bowl.

With the lowering water level, the flapper will not return to its position on the seat, thus making way for the tank to refill with the water supply.

There are other flush toilet types around the world, such as

Chemical Toilets

As the name suggests, waste is flushed down from the bowl to the drain using nearby chemical fluids. This is traditionally used on planes and boats.

Composite Toilets

Liquid and solid waste are not flushed down with water. Instead, it is stored in a sealed container ready for gardening and composting.

What toilet flushes are the best?

There are many different types of toilet flush systems and technology. Some are created for convenience and innovation, and others are praised for their water-saving efficiency.

It is difficult to find a style and system that ticks all the boxes, and your preference comes down to how you use your toilet, economic factors, as some types cost more to set up, and environmental factors.

Choosing the most suitable toilet for your property and needs becomes a piece of cake if you’ve got a better insight into how your bathroom works and its essential parts. It will also help to talk to your professional plumber to clarify any questions. They can also recommend the best brands, so get your money’s worth.

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