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Home Renovation Plumbing: 7 Ways To Save

Learn how to cut expenses without sacrificing quality in your home renovation plumbing. Take advantage of our experts' advice on 7 ways to save money and make wise plumbing improvements.

If you’ve been renovating your home, the cost of plumbing work would have left you taken aback.

Plumbing work can be pretty expensive. But it doesn’t mean you must use up all your renovation budget. With a bit of DIY and proper planning, you can reduce the overall cost of the plumbing project. Additionally, you can be more sustainable when recycling or reusing old plumbing fixtures for your new space. Who said sustainability is an expensive affair?

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of some steps that can effectively lower the overall cost of the renovation. Without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Tips To Save On Plumbing Renovations

1. Planning For Home Renovation Plumbing

Instead of hiring plumbers to replace or reinstall your existing plumbing system, schedule it before completing the home or bathroom renovation. This will not only be kinder on the pockets but will also provide better results.

When the plumbing is planned before the home completion, the plumbers get the more creative freedom to install plumbing fixtures. They also better understand the layout and can make necessary changes without damaging your property.

Letting your plumber take a look at the house before its completion will also give them some time to see exactly what your home needs. Since only the necessities are included, the plumbers can provide a functional and cost-effective solution. Additionally, you get an estimated total cost beforehand, allowing you to plan and save funds accordingly.

Almost all plumbing companies offer services for emergencies and scheduled plumbing projects. Be sure to let your plumber know it is a remodelling/renovating job, not an emergency.

2. Stick To The Plan

Plumber Spanner

Sometimes, a professional plumber can perform additional plumbing projects they will charge extra for. Let your plumber know if you do not want anything beyond what is already planned. Some examples of additional work are tearing walls and flooring for piping installation or shifting large furniture blocking plumbing fixtures.

Removing the walls or moving furniture can be cost-effective before the plumber begins his work. This makes it easier for them as well as you. It will also lessen the probability of getting an expensive home/bathroom renovation bill.

3. Save The Original Footprint

Changing up the entire layout of the plumbing system can be pretty harsh on your pocket. Changing the main supply line, sewer pipes, vent stacks, and drain pipes can be quite costly.

Try to keep the existing plumbing layout of the house and renovate it. Keep some plumbing fixtures such as fire-rated access panel, toilet, shower, sink, vanity, and washing machine in the same position when remodelling.

4. DIY Plumbing Projects

If it’s feasible regarding resources and time, try to DIY some plumbing or bathroom renovations. This will save you significant amounts of money from your overall renovation budget. All you need to spend is the price of raw materials, and you can save on labour costs for several plumbing projects.

You can even consider reusing old plumbing fixtures after some cleaning or repair. Instead of spending exuberant money on new unnecessary fixtures, recycling an existing one is much more efficient.

However, do keep in mind that some tasks are beyond DIY. They require the expertise of a professional and are more labour-intensive. If you get stuck on a project or need help, do not hesitate to consult a professional plumber.

Fixing Sink Kitchen Renovation

5. Use PEX Pipes Instead Of Copper

If you plan on DIYing your plumbing, try to opt for push-fit fittings and PEX pipes over copper. Since they are easier to cut and are more malleable, they are ideal for a beginner DIY project. They can also be attached quickly with the help of some push-fit fittings. However, remember that push-fit fittings are significantly more expensive than crimp-fit fittings.

A PEX pipe is also cheaper than copper pipes and tubings. Though it doesn’t affect the overall budget blowout, it does reduce the cost of materials for the home/bathroom renovation. Copper tubing can have fluctuating prices, which usually go up.

If your plumber decides to use copper pipes for the bathroom renovation, ask them if they could switch to a PEX pipe and fitting. Being open with your plumber about the budget and how much you would like to save up is crucial.

6. Only Replace The Damaged Fixtures

You might be tempted to remodel your bathrooms and install new fixtures fully. However, that would be nothing but unnecessary costs and additional charges. Inspect which all fixtures need replacement and focus mainly on the damaged ones.

Keeping the rest as they are will save you from demolition charges and the cost of new plumbing fixtures and installation charges. Tiling costs, pipe installation, and buying and installing new fixtures all make a significant difference.

You can even consider aesthetic reasons without sacrificing quality. If the fixture is visually appealing and functional, replacing them would be pointless. For instance, if you own a bathtub and it is still usable, instead of replacing it, you can opt for repairing and reusing it.

Different coatings and materials will change the look of your bathtub for only half the price of a new one. Repurposing old fixtures and giving them a new look is a more sustainable way of renovating.

Tiles Bathroom Renovation

7. Use Crimp-fit Instead Of Push-fit fittings.

Fittings are devices that hold two pipes together and attach them. The most common fittings we can see in plumbing are crimp-fit and push-fit fittings.

Crimp fittings use a copper wire ring to hold all the pipes. You will need a crimping tool to connect the pipes. On the contrary, push-fit fittings do not require additional tools or equipment to attach the tubes. You can push the pipes into the fitting, and you’re ready.

Though these fittings are much more convenient than crimp-fit fittings, they cost much more. So, to save some money, you can opt for crimp fittings. However, push-fit fittings may be more sensible if you do a DIY plumbing renovation.

Get Your Home Renovated On a Budget!

The plumbing system cannot be ignored in any house reconstruction or remodelling since it is vital to every home. However, they can also drain a major hole in your pocket. To avoid that, you can follow the tips mentioned above and tricks to have a beautiful bathroom renovation on a tight budget.

Contact Fixed Today for further assistance regarding bathroom renovations and other quality plumbing services. Our licensed technicians provide top-notch plumbing work and quality workmanship. We can guide you through the renovation process. Our professional plumbers also believe in upfront pricing, so you don’t have to worry about costs. We have a 24-hour hotline for this plumbing requirement if you have a plumbing emergency. We dispatch our reliable plumber immediately.

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