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Do You Need A Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

Thinking of renovating your bathroom and not sure whether you need a plumber? We’ll clarify all of your doubts with this informative guide on bathroom renovations and requirements.

Are you looking to revamp your bathroom? From changing the tiling to the storage — it’s thrilling to picture a bathroom renovation to the finished product - your remodelled bathroom!

You’ve probably got many ideas for bathroom renovations, such as what the ideal bathroom should look like. However, we recommend hiring a licensed plumber instead of giving in to the temptation of doing the job yourself.

A DIY job might sound fun and an excellent way to save money, but it could also be unsafe. It might also cause trouble later because a faulty job might lead to a lack of functionality or a complete overhaul.

Let’s discuss why a professional plumber is the best for the job!

Why Do You Need A Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

White Bath Towel White Brick Tiles

1. They Have Experience

They’ve got lots of experience and can answer any questions you may have about your renovation process. Rather than pausing and replaying a tutorial on YouTube, wouldn’t it be better to entrust the process to a bathroom renovation specialist who knows the job well?

2. They Use The Right Tools

They have all the right equipment to get your bathroom renovation plumbing done in the best way possible. Not just that, they constantly upgrade their equipment to keep up with any technological advances and keep their tools in top-notch condition.

So, no more using rusty old tools or buying brand-new ones and spending a fortune!

3. They Are More Efficient

Bathroom renovations are an intricate and complex process that involves many tie-ups. From electricians to painters to a professional plumber, a lot goes into finishing the process, and it usually isn’t a one-person job.

A plumber will ensure that all processes are carried out smoothly and perform a final inspection of all new fittings and appliances. They will take away the foolish task of scheduling multiple appointments. Not only that, but they’ll also oversee any deliveries of fixtures and materials that need to be made. In addition, they’ll also obtain the necessary permits from the municipal board so that you don’t end up breaking any rules.

4. They Take Care Of All Safety Measures

Renovation performed by someone unqualified could lead to potential accidents and someone getting hurt. It might also lead to toilet flooding, clogging, or burst water mains. A poorly executed renovation could also mean mould and mildew growth, which is unhealthy and gross!

Hence, plumbers will ensure that no one gets hurt and that the renovation is done perfectly. If a licensed plumber installs, you don’t have to worry about what’s lurking behind those fixtures.

5. They Will Give You Peace Of Mind

If you’re not a plumber or a contractor who undertakes renovations full-time, there are things you’re bound to miss with renovations.

Isn’t it better to leave the work in the hands of a professional who can let you relax? The only thing you need to do is oversee and select the bathroom style throughout the process.

What To Keep In Mind While Planning A Bathroom Renovation?

Renovated Modern Bathroom Residential Home

1. Considerations About The Layout

Before mentally mapping out how you’d like your bathroom to look (consider the existing tiles — wall tiles, floor tiles, paint colour, existing fixtures, storage space, etc.), ensuring that the bathroom can accommodate those changes is essential. It would be a tragedy to have a design ready to go and only discover you don’t have enough space or that the existing plumbing will only hinder the entire process.

So, it is good to look at the house plan once and talk things through with the plumber, who can advise you on how to do something. A clear understanding of what can and cannot be done is imperative.

2. Accommodating Special Requirements

Installing ultra-fancy plumbing fixtures can make things a little challenging sometimes. You might want heated towel rails, a bigger bathtub, or install a shower screen, but that may not be possible with the bathroom space on hand.

So, restructuring would be required to get the bathtub working and the drainage fitted correctly. When calculating how much the bathtub will cost, it would be advisable to factor in breaking and rebuilding costs.

3. Sticking To The Plan

Don’t make significant, last-minute changes once the work has begun. Significant plumbing alterations, such as moving water lines and plumbing and electrical work, would result in heavy change fees. It could also be delayed since all the pans must be re-made to fit your alteration.

To prevent things like this, it’s a good idea to think about the type of bathroom you want.

4. Setting Aside Renovation Money

It’s always a good idea to keep aside a small portion of the renovation budget to meet any unexpected challenges that come your way. Imagine opening up the bathroom walls and coming across nasty infestations!

Thus, setting aside money for necessities like these is a wise decision to avoid financial disaster. Another thing we advise is stocking up on extra tiles because they may be hard to come by if you’d like them later.

5. Estimate the age of your plumbing

A plumbing system is designed to last a few decades; anything more will significantly hinder its functionality. An experienced plumber can quickly assess the health of your plumbing and piping.

It will be easier and cheaper to replace your plumbing if your walls are already open, and you could consider this to ensure the durability of your plumbing.

Why You Need A Plumber For Bathroom Renovations

A well-done plumbing job can add value to your house and make you a lot of money should you choose to sell it.

However, if you’re doing the plumbing yourself (DIY plumbing) and something goes wrong with the renovation process, a massive fine must be paid, and there’s no insurance coverage. This could burn a hole in your pocket; you’d certainly not want that — bathroom renovation cost isn’t cheap.

But fear not. You can contact many affordable plumbing services, professional plumbers, or interior designers. A bathroom designer can ensure your outdated bathroom will look fantastic and the complete renovation is seamless!

We’ll conclude our guide, hoping it helped you decide how your new bathroom will be. Stay tuned for more informative guides, and we’ll be back soon.

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