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5 Common Commercial Drainage Issues

Drainage issues are not limited to private properties. These problems occurring in a commercial space can be a lot more cumbersome and harder to manage.

Issues with drainage pipes in an industrial or commercial space can have disastrous consequences.

Due to the larger scale of operations on commercial property, emergency drainage system issues can be costly to resolve. Besides, they may pose a safety hazard to the staff and customers, threatening to disrupt business operations like nothing else.

Common Commercial Drainage Issues

On that note, here’s a list of the five most common issues about drainage problems faced by commercial property owners. Let’s take a look.

5 Common Commercial Drainage Issues

1. Food, Fat Or Grease Blockages

Clogged Pipe Fats Oils

Restaurants and other similar eatery places in the food industry commonly face the problem of blocked drains, overflows or pooling water, broken pipes, and leaks. This is because of the high volume of food waste that passes through their drainage systems daily.

Since a commercial kitchen serves hundreds of customers daily, the number of plates that need to be washed is equally significant.

Due to the sheer volume of plates that need to be washed, the staff who wash them do it as soon as possible to serve other customers. In this dynamic process, preventing food scraps and cooking grease from going down the drain can be tricky. The food waste is usually washed away in the sink and goes down the drain, leading to a clog.

If the restaurant uses a waste disposal system, the chances of food debris or grease causing clogged drains and poor drainage are much higher. Leaving a blocked drain unattended can create fat and grease build-up in the sewer system, potentially disrupting the plumbing system of the entire building and obstructing water flow. Can it even result in a breeding ground?

2. Blocked Toilets

Toilet Blocked Toilet Paper

In most residential areas, people are careful not to flush too much toilet paper, sanitary products, or other foreign objects in the toilet bowl. However, this concern disappears completely when it comes to public toilets. This can be highly problematic if you own larger commercial properties like shopping centres, malls or hospitals.

Although not all non-flushable items clog toilet drain pipes, they can still easily block the central sewer system.

If you experience a blocked drain within your establishment, find out who is responsible for that particular section of the blocked drain. If the affected area falls under your jurisdiction, you must immediately bring experienced professionals to clear the blockage.

3. Hard Water Damage

Damage Hard Water

Water is considered to be problematic if it has a higher concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These elements are usually collected by groundwater as it passes through various layers of soil and rocks that contain the said minerals. Although natural, excessive amounts of these minerals in the water can pose a significant risk to one’s safety.

It is the most obvious sign of hard water if you notice limescale forming on the drain pipes or the drip pan. This can lead to consequences like clogged pipes, blocked drains, slow drainage and hot-water equipment failure. Some other aspects that can be impacted by hard water include:

A. Infrastructure

Hard water can cause structural damage and significantly reduce the lifespan of any industrial or commercial equipment and infrastructure. This is mainly due to the minerals depositing inside the appliances or pipes and hardening over time. Accumulation of these dissolved minerals can result in equipment failure.

B. Energy Consumption

Hard water also affects the energy consumption of commercial properties. With time, the minerals in the hard water can build up inside the heating elements, which in turn reduces their efficiency. This means you will need more electricity to heat all the water, drastically increasing your energy bills.

C. The Environment

Although hard water does not affect the environment directly, some problems will arise further down the line. For example, soap and detergent only work efficiently with hard water. To get the same results as soft water cleaning, you may use more soap and detergent, which may destroy the soil and nearby water bodies.

4. Lack Of Industrial Tank Cleaning

Industrial Tank Cleaning Equipment

Tanks are vital to various industrial businesses but can cause serious problems if improperly maintained. When there is a lack of proper maintenance within the tank, substances such as acids, alkaline wastes, and toxins can build up, leading to a potential clog in the system.

Plant roots can also run deep into the ground and obstruct the pipe systems, which can be left undetected, making tanks a lot more dangerous by compromising their efficiency and affecting the quality of the final product.

To eliminate this issue, regular cleaning of the tank is essential. This typically involves clearing any blockages in the tank and preventing further contamination. The ideal way to clean a tank is by using a high-water pressure jet to remove unwanted deposits and debris.

However, one should be mindful of the risks when cleaning a tank. If the situation requires a person to step into the tank, it must be avoided at all costs and performed only by qualified personnel.

5. Lack Of Cesspit And Septic Tank Waste Removal

Lack Septic Tank Waste Removal

Commercial septic tanks are large-scale sewage treatment systems capable of handling all wastewater and sewage generated from various commercial properties such as hotels, schools, caravan parks, etc. These tanks are usually opted for when there is no public main sewer line nearby or when the existing public line is incapable of handling large amounts of waste.

Since these sewage units deal with a large volume of wastewater, they must be emptied and cleaned regularly. Poorly maintained sewer units can eventually lead to wear and tear within the unit and flood the surrounding area. The primary and secondary compartments must be emptied to clean the septic tank properly. This will eliminate all solid and liquid matter from the septic tank system. In the event of blocked drains or leaks, it is essential to have the soakaway cleaned immediately and efficiently to avoid any risk of contamination and environmental issues.

Identifying Common Commercial Drainage Issues

If your commercial property is plagued with any drainage system issues mentioned above, you are advised to call a team of qualified plumbers immediately, like Fixed Today Parramatta, to help resolve them.

With over ten years of experience, the plumbing specialists at FixedToday provide immediate solutions to fix drainage problems in Sydney. We use the latest technology, tools and equipment to ensure that you receive superior services. Our professionals offer services 24/7, including emergency services and specialty work.

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