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Chiswick Gas Hot Water System Project

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We had a call from a client in Chiswick who was pretty upset that her hot water system burst in the morning. Leaving her with no hot water to use for her washing and cooking.

We were able to make an appointment with her on the same day. After doing our routine inspection of the tank, it was clear that the hot water unit was old and needs replacing as it was 15 years old. 

How we helped

Our first step was to find the best-suited unit for our customer's needs. We took into account the size of the property, the amount of hot water being used and the homeowners budget. We were able to find the perfect tank and got to work straight away. 

We began by draining all of the water from the tank and disconnecting the pipework. We removed the existing tank and supplied a brand new 170 Litre gas hot water system. We supplied and installed a tempering valve and all copper piping and installed the new heater in the same spot for our client.

After running a pressure test, our work was complete.

Our team always make sure the work area is cleaned and looking better than when we arrived. We are happy we were able to repair the hot water system in the Chiswick home.


Our happy client has perfectly working hot water throughout her entire property.

Old Hot Water System

New Gas Hot Water System

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