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What is a Tempering Valve?

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Having hot water is important to have in every household or business. When you have hot water that works efficiently, cooking, cleaning and general washing is done with ease. It all starts with your hot water system.

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A hot water unit is built to produce heated water throughout your property in a safe and economical way. Your tank has many components that work together to allow water to flow to every tap and fixture.

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One part that is crucial in ensuring the safety of your water tank is a Tempering Valve.

How does a tempering valve work?

This valve works by mixing both hot and cold water together It produces the safest water temperature. If the valve works correctly, then people are not burned or scalded by the temperature of the water.

According to Australian Standard AS3500.4.2 Clause 1.6, water temperature that comes out of the taps must not exceed 50 c but to prevent legionella bacteria from developing inside the tank, the temperature must always be at 60 c.

Tempering valves work by allowing the 60 c water inside the unit to be mixed with cold water and then safely flow out of the faucet with a temperature of 45 c to 50 c.

For some institutions such as young, aged, sick and disabled facilities eg, nursing homes, the maximum delivery temperature should not exceed 45 c.

Where are tempering valves located?

A tempering valve is located externally on the hot water system. It is installed between the cold line and hot water line.

Cold water comes through the inlet valve from your water supply, travels to the tempering valve, mixes with the hot water, and then releases tempered water to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry taps.

Do you need a tempering valve?

You do need a tempering valve on your hot water system. This is a legal requirement that ensures your tank complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia. For all new installations and replacements of water heaters, a tempering valve must come with it.

Your trusted plumbing company will be able to install the correct valves for you with any new hot water tank installation.

What is the difference between a tempering valve and a thermostatic mixing valve?

A tempering valve and thermostatic mixing valve or TMV both work to combine hot water with cold water to provide a safe temperature for water usage. And although they both work with the same idea, there are some differences between the two. These are,

  • There is a price difference with tempering valves being cheaper than TMV's
  • To install a TMV a plumber must carry a licence specific to install thermostatic mixing vales
  • A tempering valve is slower to respond to changes in temperature, than with TMV's. This is why facilities like nursing homes and hospitals can only have a tmv installed. They need a lower temperature of 45 c, so a tempering valve is not suitable
  • TMV's do not last as long as tempering valves

For the correct installation of gas, electrical or solar hot water system, call a professional and licensed plumbing company to assist you with your hot water tank repairs and replacements.

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