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How to Stop Water Hammer and Noisy Water Pipes

In this blog, we’ll find some of the causes of a noisy water pipes and how to stop the water hammering sound coming from your pipes.

Noisy pipes and water hammers can be a real nuisance. When you’re lying in bed at night, and you can hear the hammering coming from inside the walls, you know that can’t be good!

But what causes the water hammering, and how can it be fixed?

Keep reading below to find some of the causes of a noisy water pipe. Then we will look at how to stop the water hammer sound before it causes leaking pipes and water damage to your home.

Let’s jump into the top reasons you might have a problem and our water hammer solutions.

Stop Water Hammer Noisy Water Pipes

Likely Reasons for a Noisy Water Pipe

Brackets and clip

Brackets or clips hold the actual pipe in place onto the wall. Suppose the brackets are not installed correctly or are loose. The water pressure will cause the pipes to move and hit anything around them. This would create noisy water pipes or water supply lines.

Solution: Removing the faulty brackets and correctly installing new clips will secure the pipe in place. This will stop the pipe from moving. Calling a licensed plumber will fix the problem to access the lines.

Loose pipe

Loose pipes are another contributing factor for the water supply hammering in your pipes. The loose pipe will vibrate and hit the framing, causing a loud hammering sound. The same goes for natural wear and tear. Over time, pipes become loose and old, and upgrades are usually needed.

Solution: Only a licensed local plumber can safely access the pipes. Tighten the loose pipes and ensure the installation is correct. A plumber from a reputable company will find the best pipes for your home and correctly install them.

High water pressure

High water pressure or air chambers can cause your noisy pipes. Water pressure that is too high can also cause long term damage to your pipes and other appliances if the issue is ignored. High pressure could cause a burst pipe, and that in itself can become a disaster for you and your home.

Solution: The best solution is to call a professional, licensed plumber. A plumber will appropriately test your water pressure in the pipes.


In some cases, your noisy pipe may be making a gurgling sound instead of banging or hammering. This could be an indication of an obstruction somewhere in your pipe. Perhaps something accidentally went down your drain and is blocking the flow of the water?

Solution: There are some DIY methods to clear a blocked drain. A blockage can be located by calling a blocked drain expert. A licensed plumber can clear the blockage and create a free flow for your water once again.

Hydraulic shock

Washers control water flow automatically and can control flow within seconds. Water hammer results from a surge in pressure propagating through a piping system when the water flow is forced to change direction or stop abruptly. This shockwave is referred to as a hydraulic shock or hydraulic surge and may be characterised by a marked banging or knocking sound on the pipes immediately after shutoff.

Solution: Call an emergency plumber — do not attempt to resolve this issue yourself. You can opt to have your trusted plumber install the following to keep hydraulic pressure under control:

  • Water hammer arrestors
  • Surge tanks
  • Pressure vessels and pressure limiting valve
  • Check valves
  • Slow closing valves
  • Air chambers

Water Ripples from the Tank

Water ripples created by a float valve inside your water tank can be another cause of hammering pipes. When water flows into the tank, the valve float rocks up and down, constantly closing and opening the valve, creating a “wave system” that echoes along the pipes, causing the hammering sound. Plastic water tanks can flex considerably, so they should have a reinforcing plate to stop them from moving.

Solution: It’s always best to consult with a professional regarding this issue. Especially when most of these pipes can be found behind the walls. Professional plumbers will have a high-tech solution that will not cost you much like pipe relining.

Stop Noisy Water Pipes

Fixing Your Water Hammer Or Noisy Pipes

There may be other causes for your noisy water hammer and the water supply that is not ideal. Not attending to the problem will result in further damage to your home. This will result in additional costs and unnecessary stress for you.

    To get to the bottom of why you have noisy water pipes, you need the help of a licensed and experienced plumber. Their expertise will pinpoint the issue and find a permanent solution to stop the water hammering sound in your water pipes.

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