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How To Eliminate Lead From Your Drinking Water

Are you considering ways to ensure the water you consume is safe and free from contaminants? Find out how to remove lead from your household drinking water with our guide!

Removing lead from your drinking water is one of the essential things in life. We all want clean and healthy water. But if you think your tap water is the cleanest as it can be — think again.

Lead exposure was present in older-style properties, particularly in lead solder. It was typical to have lead pipes in homes and commercial properties.

In Australia, lead-based solder on pipes for drinking water was banned in 1989. According to the Australian Standard A s 3500 Part 1.2 (1998)The Australian Standard AS 3500 Part 1.2 (1998) ’National Plumbing and Drainage – Water Supply – Acceptable Solutions’ effectively prohibits the use of lead-based solders by providing that soft solder shall "not contain more than 0.1% lead by weight".You can find more information in the Plumbing Code of Australia.

As population and pollution levels soar, water quality and lead exposure are also getting more critical. The water from your taps can have contaminations. Heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, parasites, bacteria, and other organic and inorganic compounds can be present in tap water.

Still, there is a way to ensure your drinking water is fresh, safe, delicious and pure. And you don’t even have to resort to bottled water. Removing lead is possible.

Installing a water filtration system in your home can remove the contamination from your water. You shouldn’t have lead-contaminated water for drinking, cooking, or bathing. Any traces of higher levels of exposure to lead in your drinking water supply could harm your health and well-being.

Eliminate Lead Drinking Water

How Do You Reduce Lead In Water?

The best way to reduce lead levels in your water is to remove the pipes and fixtures and replace them with a lead-free system. If you don’t have any carbon filters or water filters installed yet in your homes or business premises, it might be time to consider one and who might provide you with the best water filter installation service. Your local plumbing team can help you supply and replace your faucets and pipes with the best lead-reduction options.

Even though you can eliminate the source of lead in your property, unfortunately, you cannot control water quality in your Municipal. It is up to your Municipal to regularly test the water quality in your city. They are to ensure the lead levels are ’safe’. You don’t want high levels of lead exposure and cause various health issues, do you?

Can You Filter Lead Out Of Drinking Water?

Installing a water filtration system is a great way to achieve lead removal and more control over your drinking water. They can effectively remove lead from water and improve water quality on your property.

A water filter system is a point-of-use technology that makes your usual water supply safe. And also delicious by the time it gets from the tap to your lips.

It’s a fact that filtered quality water tastes and smells significantly better. Removing all those metals, chemicals, germs and 2000 other contaminants makes it safer for the entire family.

Here are some advantages of having a water filtration system in your house:

  • You can have a clean, tasty and healthy water source.
  • Compared to bottled water, you can access inexpensive, convenient and environmentally friendly water.
  • Lessen your risk of certain cancers through the removal of chlorine
  • Remove harmful contaminants that can cause diseases and leave in the healthy, pH-balancing minerals to protect your family and promote health.

Having filtration systems in your homes will give you peace of mind for yourself and the rest of the family. But if you’re unsure what’s in your water supply, whether it needs filtering, or which is the best filtration system for you and your loved ones. Hire your trusted water filter specialist and see how they can help you.

How Do Water Filters Work?

Water Filter Green Background

Water filters reduce the number of contaminants in the water supplied to your home, such as lead. You can choose from many different water filters depending on your home or office and where the filter will be located.


A basic mesh or ceramic filter physically removes sediment as it passes through a fixture.


This method uses carbon which is excellent at trapping chemicals and harsh impurities.


Chemicals, like calcium and magnesium minerals that cause limescale and corrosion, are effectively isolated from the water, usually utilising food-grade polyphosphate to scale inhibiting filters.

Ion Exchange

This process softens hard water by exchanging ions such as magnesium and calcium, found in hard water, for sodium and hydrogen ions. It removes hard minerals.

Reverse Osmosis

RO (Reverse Osmosis) uses dissolving inorganic solids calcium ions to remove the contaminants from the water at the molecular level, much smaller than the water itself. It’s a more thorough process compared to standard carbon water filtration. Via the high-pressure water pushing through a semi-permeable membrane — your water gets cleaned.

Need a Plumbing Service?

Install A Water Filter Today And Say Goodbye To Lead In Your Water!

You can contact your plumbing specialists to replace old lead pipes that supply drinking water to buildings. This is where lead contamination can occur due to corrosion. They can also help you find the best water filter system. They can help reduce lead and keep your household in excellent health. Inspecting the quality of your pipes to keep them in the best condition is always recommended.

At Fixed Today, our team our experts in water dispensers and water filters and can help you reduce lead in your drinking water. So, speak to us today!

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