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Why CCTV Drain Inspections Are The Future Of Drain Maintenance

Introducing CCTV drain inspections, a non-invasive tool that is revolutionising the plumbing industry. From identifying blocked drains to damaged pipelines - see why you should take advantage of this technology! 

Maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system is critical for the comfort and safety of any property.

Particularly, drain maintenance is essential to prevent blockages, backups, and pipe damage. However, traditional drain maintenance methods may involve guesswork or digging, which further adds to the homeowner’s inconvenience.

That’s when CCTV drain inspections can save the day by enabling plumbers to inspect the condition of the pipes and identify any issues without causing damage to the surrounding area. This approach not only saves time and money but also allows for more accurate and effective repairs.

So, if you’re still sceptical about CCTV drain inspections at home, read on as we discuss its benefits in detail. But first, let’s understand what a CCTV drain inspection is and how it works…

What Is A CCTV Drain Inspection?

Drain Camera Pipe

A CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) drain inspection employs a camera attached to a flexible cable to inspect the interior of a drain or sewer line. It is especially beneficial in inspecting hard-to-reach areas. The camera is usually mounted on a small wheeled vehicle that can be guided through the drain to inspect the pipe’s condition visually.

During the inspection, the camera captures high-quality images of the drain or sewer line, which can be viewed by the technician in real-time or later on a computer screen. This allows them to identify blockages, damage, or other issues within the plumbing system.

Besides the easy and accurate identification of plumbing issues, we offer a range of CCTV camera sizes at Fixed Today. This allows efficient inspection of both small drain pipes and large sewer pipes.

Reasons Why A CCTV Drain Inspection Is The Right Maintenance Service For You

Plumber Drain Inspection Camera

1. You Have Smelly Drains

A smelly drain may indicate a partial blockage, eventually leading to slow drainage. A CCTV drain inspection can help identify the exact location of the build-up or blockage, allowing for targeted repairs or maintenance. As such, the accumulation of debris can make the smell worse.

2. You Are Facing Recurring Drainage Issues

The worst part about plumbing issues is that no matter how small or insignificant if left unchecked, they end up causing major problems and can even damage your property. For instance, backups can be caused by various reasons, like blockages, collapsed pipes, root intrusion, etc. However, if not cleared properly, they may further lead to pipe damage, causing leaks and mildew infestations.

So, if you are experiencing recurring drainage issues, like multiple blockages, in a short period of time, a CCTV drain inspection can help identify the underlying cause of the problem.

3. You Have Tenants In The Property

If you’re a property owner with tenants, conducting a CCTV drain inspection between residents may be beneficial as preventative maintenance. Tenants may dispose of items in the sink and toilet without regard for the potential consequences, which could result in costly repairs for the property owners.

Regularly checking and cleaning the pipes between tenants can help prevent the accumulation of debris that may cause blockages and damage. By proactively managing plumbing maintenance, property owners can save time, money, and a lot of future frustration.

4. You Are Renovating Or Extending Your Property

A CCTV drain inspection can help identify any issues with the existing drainage system that may impact your plans of renovating or extending your property. For instance, if you plan on adding a bathroom to your property, a CCTV inspection can recognise issues with the existing plumbing, such as inadequate pipe size or blocked drains.

5. You Are Purchasing A New Property

It is common knowledge that you should conduct a building inspection before purchasing a property to check for issues like a termite infestation, foundation damage, or structural hazards. However, many individuals fail to consider the importance of examining the underground components of the property.

You’ll incur significant expenses if you discover numerous blockages and damaged pipes that require relining or replacement after purchasing the property. Not to forget the time and effort all the plumbing repairs will take. So, conducting a pipe survey early on can be highly beneficial and potentially save the buyer thousands of dollars.

6. Signs Of Movement

If you have observed any tell-tale signs of movement in your building, it may indicate water damage in the foundation. The presence of a damaged pipe can result in water leakage, which can further result in softening of the ground beneath the property. Ultimately, this results in shifting.

Since repairs to the foundation can be expensive, it is crucial to have the pipes inspected as soon as possible to prevent leaks and repair any existing damage.

Drain Camera Sewer Line

Why CCTV Drain Inspections are the Smart Choice for Your Plumbing Maintenance Needs

CCTV drain inspections have become the norm among plumbers and homeowners as they are non-intrusive yet offer accurate results. Even local authorities prefer CCTV inspections to diagnose and troubleshoot drainage problems.

If your residence is facing drainage issues, our experienced plumbers at Fixed Today Plumbing in Sydney can assist you in identifying the root cause of the problem. Our technicians have received extensive training in using CCTV cameras to conduct video pipe inspections, enabling them to promptly and precisely fix plumbing issues.

So, don’t wait for your plumbing problems to escalate and get in touch with Fixed Today Plumbing. We offer emergency services too, so no matter the time of the day, our plumbers are ready to help!

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