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Oatlands — Blocked Toilet

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Blocked Toilet


Upon arriving at the job, we were hoping to solve the blocked toilet as quickly and pain-free for the client. We initially used a jet blaster to clear the drain to what we thought was a blockage in the toilet, however, this did not fix the problem and further investigation was required.

We then conducted a CCTV inspection by feeding the camera down the pipes to pinpoint the exact cause to the problem. It was revealed that there were tree roots intruding the terracotta piping.

Oatlands 2

Oatlands 1

How we helped

By pinpointing exactly where the issue was occurring we were able to jackhammer out the concrete in the correct area. Once the ground was cleared we excavated and removed the defective piping. Then we could cut out the old clay pipe and remove the intruding tree roots that were causing the blockage. After this, we were able to reinforce the piping by installing an aggregate solution. This was made up of installing new PVC sewer lines and laying blue metal around the pipe.

We then filled in the hole and compacted the area down and tidied up the area. The pipes were reconnected and tested.

Oatlands 4

Oatlands 3


We followed up with the customer a week later and the customer has since had no issues with blockages. Our customer was very grateful to have a permanent solution to their ongoing problem. Another plumbing problem solved by Fixed Today!

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