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North Rocks - Leaking Pipe

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North Rocks


Leaking Floor Waste Drain and Pipe


A client from the North Rocks enquired about a leak that was concerning her. This leak was supposedly coming through the shower and down into her garage . Our professional team were abke to pressure test and dye test the area. Upon investigation, we figured out that the floor waste drain and pipe was leaking - we recommended to the client that these should be replaced.

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How we helped

First of all, to begin fixing this issue we removed the old floor waste. The next step was to obtain any floor waste within a diameter of 100m and a spigot of 50mm. This would allow us to connect the new drainage, then we installed the new floor waste drain with a new seal and conducted a pressure test again. This had fixed the problem!

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The client called the office to thank the staff that did the job, she claimed that we saved her money as she thought she had to replace her whole shower.

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