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Castle Hill Toilet Replacement Project

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We received a call from our client and was told that there was a water leak coming from her upstairs bathroom into her living room in her Castle Hill residence.

We took the time to chat with our client and agreed that the best solution would be to remove and reinstall the toilet suite.

How we helped

Once we conducted our initial investigation, we suggested the following works being carried out. We turned off the water supply disconnected and removed the old toilet suite.

Supply and install new PVC connections to the underside of the toilet. Also, run a dye through the toilet line to inspect and make sure there are no cracks or breaks in the sewer line.

Also cut a hole in ceiling area downstairs to do a further investigation on where the leak is coming from and informed the customer it's a process of elimination once complete. Install the same toilet with new connections

We found the problem to be vent pipe shooting through the roof. To fix this, we resealed core hole going through roof by supplying and installing new rubber deck tight on the roof which we then resealed.

We sealed 50mm of pipe at the base of the ceiling. And tested to ensure no leaks were present.

Our team always make sure the work area is cleaned and looking better than when we arrived.


The customer was extremely grateful that no more water was leaking into her living room.

Fixing Water Leak in Roof

Replacement Toilet

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