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How To Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal

Have you noticed a leakage coming from your garbage disposal unit? Don’t worry! Read our guide to learn how to identify what is causing the leak, and the best and most simple solutions for repair!

Do you have a damp cabinet below your sink, or is a weird smell developing in your kitchen? Then, a leaking garbage disposal may be the culprit.

If you don’t fix the problem as soon as possible, it might cause smelly drains, bacteria to grow, and diseases to spread. It can also cause a blocked sink drain, especially if fats and grease have accumulated in your garbage disposal. Eventually, this will flood the kitchen, leaving you with a mess that ruins your day.

Knowing how to identify and fix them is essential. That’s why we are here to help you find ways to improve your leaking garbage disposal unit. Follow these steps to fix your damaged garbage disposal unit and prevent and clear blocked drain pipes.

How To Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal?

Putting Scraps Garbage Disposal

1. Identifying The Leak

The first thing you want to do is identify the leak. To do that, remove all items stored in the cabinet below the sink. If the area is damp, it means your garbage disposal is leaking. However, you will need to know the exact location of the leakage. Check if the water leaks from the sink drain, dishwasher hose, or drain lines.

If all these are fine, your garbage disposal needs to be checked. See if the rubber gasket at the seam is missing or loose. If it is, you must change it to a new one. Also, check if it leaks from the bottom or top, as the fix will differ. Identifying these are essential steps in fixing your garbage disposal leaks.

2. Fixing The Leak

For those who are handy and have the time, fixing your garbage disposal leaking can be a D.I.Y. project for the weekend. Doing that will save you some extra costs on professional help. Here are some ways to do that:

Person Fixing Leaking Garbage Disposal

A. Leakage From The Side

Water can leak in garbage disposals from the sides as the connection to other drain lines (like the dishwasher drain pipe) becomes loose. To fix it, use a screwdriver to tighten the metal clamp or the drain pipe screws connecting them. You can also do this at the main drain line, or you may need to replace the worn gaskets

B. Leaking From The Top

Your garbage disposal unit can also leak from the top. In such a case, your sink flange or the putty around it will become worn out. However, you can fix it by removing the garbage disposal unit and the old garbage disposal flange or cleaning out the old plumber’s putty. Once completed, you can re-seal it with a new sink flange or plumber’s putty.

C. Leaking From The Bottom

Garbage disposals can also leak from the bottom. Such leaks happen when the internal seals of the garbage disposal unit get worn out, which can occur over time. For times like that, it is recommended that you replace it with a new garbage disposal. Fixing it would not be worth the time and cost without a warranty.

However, a new garbage disposal installation involving electrical wires may get complicated and risky. Besides risking your safety, you may also violate local regulations, making you liable. Hence, it’s best to get qualified plumbers for this purpose.

D. Final Checks

Once fixed, check if the leak persists before you use the disposal again. Doing this will help prevent further damage to your newly installed unit and help you understand if it has been installed incorrectly.

First, wipe off the water with a clean cloth to get a dry surface. Then, remove the kitchen sink drain and pour two to three cups of dyed water into the sink. Carefully check for any leaks with a flashlight. You can turn it on and use it if you do not see any further leaks.

3. Hiring A Professional Plumber

Fixing your leaking garbage disposal can be tricky if you are not handy with tools. For instance, replacing the garbage disposal unit requires knowledge of electrical wiring and can be dangerous. You might also need more time to do it yourself. You might have tried doing it yourself, but the garbage disposal still leaks. In such a situation, it is best to seek the help of professional plumbers.

With experience, a plumbing professional can fix the leaking garbage disposal within hours, which might take the whole day if you try to D.I.Y. Therefore, it will save you time and allow you to be productive elsewhere. In addition, it will protect you from unnecessary injuries and accidents.

Some Preventive Measures For Future Leaks

Person Washing Veges Sink

There are some myths and misconceptions about how to manage your garbage disposal. One important thing to note is that garbage disposals need care so they do not leak and last long. And you can avoid such problems if you take some preventive measures. Keep track of the dos and don’ts of what to dispose of in your garbage disposal. You can also install a kitchen sink stopper to catch food waste.

In addition, ensure you keep the water running while you dispose of food waste in your sink. Occasionally inspect your garbage disposal system to catch and fix any issue that may become a hazard later. It would be best to always do this with other components, like the dishwasher drain line or the disposal dishwasher inlet.

Don’t Ignore Your Leaking Garbage Disposal

Plumbing problems like garbage disposal leaking are something we all face inevitably. Knowing how to fix them can save you money. However, knowing when to hire a professional plumber is crucial to avoiding injury. Remember, it is always best to call an experienced professional when dealing with your plumbing system.

You can contact Fixed Today. We have an experienced team of licensed plumbers who will provide on-time service, no matter the type of leak in your garbage disposal unit. We offer 24x7 emergency services for maintaining, repairing, and installing garbage disposal units all over Sydney.

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