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Garbage Disposal Myths: Debunked

Get ready to separate fact from fiction with this blog post! Learn all about the myths surrounding garbage disposals and the truth behind them!

A garbage disposal unit is possibly one of the most useful appliances that you can have as a homeowner.

It helps dispose of your household garbage safely and quickly. Not only does it enhance convenience, but it also helps to keep your home clean and sanitary.

Garbage Disposal Myths

Unfortunately, the reputation of garbage disposals has been marred by several unfounded myths and false rumours. Due to this, many homeowners still rely on conventional garbage disposal practices, which are inconvenient.

Here, we address some of the most common myths associated with this appliance. Let’s get started!

The Top 5 Myths About Garbage Disposals

Myth 1: Garbage Disposals Have Blades That Need To Be Sharpened Frequently

One of the most common myths about garbage disposals is that they have spinning blades that need to be sharpened. This can be accomplished by dumping materials like ice blocks and solid wastes into the disposal bin.

Garbage Disposal Kitchen Sink

However, this is not true since garbage disposals do not have sharp blades inside. Instead, they come with numerous small grinding teeth or impellers that help shred the solid waste. And since they do not have any cutting edges, there is no need to sharpen them.

If you throw solid wastes, like ice blocks, into the disposal, they will wear out the teeth of the disposal’s blades quicker than usual, reducing the machine’s lifespan. Ice cubes might even damage the impellers in some extreme cases, which will cause you a lot more trouble instead.

Myth 2: You Should Pour Hot Water Into The Garbage Disposal

The basic idea behind this myth is that cold water keeps the food solid, and pouring boiling water down the disposal keeps wastes like oil and grease in liquid form. And if they remain in that form long enough, they will easily flow through the drain pipes.

But this is only valid if you dump oil or grease down your drainage pipes. In the case of garbage disposal, it is not a wise thing to do. This is because these appliances deal with solid wastes rather than liquid ones. You should not even be pouring oils and grease into the disposal in the first place.

Additionally, using hot water with oils and grease can harm the machine. It will allow them to pass through the impellers, but they may solidify once they go further down the pipes and cause blockages.

If anything, pour cold water through the disposal, solidifying the grease and oil before they pass through the grinding teeth. Consequently, the appliance will easily crush them, ensuring smooth waste disposal.

Myth 3: All Food Wastes Can Be Safely Put Into The Disposal

Many believe garbage disposals can handle all food particles and waste materials, but this is only partially true. While a typical garbage disposal unit can handle most waste, it does have some usage restrictions. These restrictions have been put in place so that the machine can function efficiently for a long time.

You should avoid putting hard food waste, such as fish and chicken bones, as they will quickly wear out the grinding teeth. Likewise, avoid putting in fibrous foods or stringy foods like corn husks or potato peels, as they might get entangled in the impellers and clog up the machine.

Food Scraps Sink Disposal

Myth 4: You Can Use Lemons To Get Rid Of Smells And Residues

Per the myth, you can eliminate odours and clear out residue build-ups if you slice a lemon or put lemon juice in the garbage disposal appliance.

While the scent of citrus fruit can make your garbage disposal smell better, it is not a permanent solution. That’s because all the scent does is mask the odours instead of eliminating them. Besides, the effect is only temporary, so the machine will start smelling again after a while.

Aside from that, this method is ineffective in clearing clogs and residue build-ups. Instead, the citric acid in the lemon will erode the internal components, damaging the machine more than cleaning it.

Myth 5: Garbage Disposals Do Not Clog Easily

Garbage Disposal Unit Sink

Just because garbage disposal shreds food waste doesn’t mean it is immune to clogging. It is equally vulnerable to developing clogs as any other plumbing component. However, the clogs are challenging to detect since moving parts are inside the machine.

Thankfully, you can address this issue if you undertake periodic maintenance measures. This can help you to clear out any blockage in its early stages.

The Bottom Line: Separating Fact From Fiction On Garbage Disposals

Of course, many other rumours exist regarding garbage disposal, but the ones mentioned above are some of the most common and disruptive.

Garbage disposal units are a highly efficient method of food waste disposal. So, it would be best not to allow yourself to be swayed by false rumours. Installing and maintaining these appliances can be challenging, so professionals should do the task.

This is where our expert team of plumbers comes in. Fixed Today Plumbing Strathfield will make installing and repairing garbage disposal a breeze. We offer our services round the clock so that you can get in touch with us anytime!

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