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Benefits Of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Is it time your gutters had a good clean? Find out what the benefits are of regular gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Gutters and roofs keep your property and contents protected from natural elements such as rain, hail, and wind. Maintaining your home's gutters is crucial in preventing rainwater blockages and potential flooding around your property and internal damage to furniture and electrical appliances.

Your roof and gutter work together to allow the safe travel of rainwater down the foundation of the building and into the stormwater drainage. Sometimes, because of debris from leaves and dirt, the gutter may become clogged. This can cause serious issues for your house.

Proper maintenance of the gutters and downpipes will stop the overflow of water and keep your home protected from mould, water damage, and potential flooding. You may be experiencing other problems with your gutters such as rust and incorrect installation and this can also cause issues with gutters and how they effectively move rainwater and debris.

Signs of Blocked Gutters

Orange Leaves In Roof Gutters

You can spot a gutter problem if you notice any of these signs. These can happen over a period of time so it is best to monitor your home frequently. You can hire a professional roofing plumber to thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof and gutter system. Doing so will save you costly emergency repairs in the future. Some signs may include:

  • Birds around the top area of your property.

  • Nesting insects such as bees or wasps nearby

  • Overflow of water in heavy rainfall

  • Heavy looking gutters

  • Vegetation and plant growth inside the gutter

  • Rotting wood on the fascia

  • Discoloured or mouldy walls or exterior

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutter maintenance should be carried out at least twice a year. Particularly around Autumn when leaves and twigs begin to fall from trees. Contact a professional plumber and they can clean your gutters and inspect the condition of your roof and surrounding area. Licensed companies have the proper safety equipment ready to provide cleaning and maintenance on your home and we recommend you request a thorough inspection of your roof to be sure every area is free from debris, rust, and damage.

Sometimes pests such as birds, insects, and even mice and rats can make their way into your gutters and often work their way into the guttering system and build nests. This job is always best left to a professional plumber or pest control company who knows how to safely remove these animals. Keep the gutter free from obstructions and ensure the critters are safe.

If you notice damp walls or mould growing, there could be an issue with clogged gutters due to leaves. The weight of leaves and dirt can interrupt the water flow and cause flooding as well as interfere with the structure of your property.

Is Gutter Cleaning Worth It?

Person With Glove Cleaning Gutter

It is important to make it a priority to have your gutters clean and working at their best. Having a well-maintained roof and gutter system is essential as this is what protects you from the elements.

Having your gutters cleaned by a professional company every year will reduce the risk of leakages and water damage inside your home. You want to make sure the team you find is licensed and experienced in roofing maintenance and cleaning your gutter.

Professional roofing and gutter cleaning can make you aware of other plumbing problems that you would otherwise miss. Maintaining your property can cut down the cost of major plumbing repairs and can also add years to your property value. Thorough cleaning of gutters is important to work that shouldn't be ignored.

With enough leaves, dirt, and other material stuck inside your gutter and downpipes, you will often deal with pooling of water. If not treated immediately, the results can be major to the exterior and interior of your property.

Regardless of what the season is during the year, having a fully functioning home and plumbing is important to the safety and wellbeing of the household and yourself.

Ensure your property and contents are given the best protection against the elements with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. It is worth it and the benefits are a dry home and protected household.

You can read our previous post all about the 9 most common plumbing problems and how best to fix them. All plumbing concerns such as leaks and blockages can be rectified by reaching out to a licensed plumber.

Take care of your most valuable asset and protect what is most important to you. Clean your gutter system regularly!

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