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South Hurstville Plumbing Project

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South Hurstville


Leak in the sink which created water damage in the cabinet. Mixer in the bathroom was coming loose.


After a thorough investigation, we found that the hot water unit under the sink was leaking. We also found the mixer tap was loose in the bathroom.

How we helped

We started by isolating the water supply and disconnecting and removing the old hot water heater unit. We supplied a new Rheem hot water system and installed the new hot water unit with all valves and piping. We had to then supply and install new drainage for the sink as well as a cabinet base. For the bathroom, we supplied and installed a brand-new mixer for the basin.


The customer was very happy with her new hot water system. We pressure tested and clean the area and ensured that no more leaks were visible. With the new cabinet base, the water damage was removed. The customer is left with new sturdy mixer tap in her bathroom.

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