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Blacktown Leaking Hot Water System Project

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Our good client in Blacktown called us because she had water leaking under her bathroom sink and her hot water was cold. When we conducted our inspection, we realised that the flexible house under the sink was frayed. Causing water to leak out of the hose.

We had a good look at her current hot water tank and the sacrificial anode was in need to be replaced as it was decayed and rusted. Keeping an old anode rod inside your water heater can affect the quality of your hot water.

How we helped

We started our works on the bathroom leak by removing the old and frayed flexible hose. We supplied and fitted our client with a brand new hot and cold water flexible hose to protect the piping under her bathroom sink.

For the hot water system issue in the Blacktown home, we supplied and installed a pressure relief valve to regulate the production of hot water pressure inside the hot water unit. We then finished off by supplying and installing a brand new sacrificial anode rod for her heater to protect the tank against corrosion.

Our team always make sure the work area is cleaned and looking better than when we arrived.


No more leaks under the sink with a new hose and her hot water are working perfectly once more.

Leaking Pipe under sink

Replacing anode

Diagnosing Hot Water System

Replacing flexible hose under sink

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